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  1. Username: fdokfo Best of to whoever hits the pot
  2. LIMBO: 22,491,161,657 placed by fdokfo on 19/05/2020 Wagered 0.00004601 Multiplier 99x Profit 0.00450898
  3. Problem with lotteries is that you win 1m but you loose 1k daily and you loose that 1m in no time while not even feeling like you lost too much
  4. Basically a few years ago being a regular sports bettor I used to bet at 365 and they were pretty good. Then as I was betting someone told me about bitcoins those days and I initially wasn't too interested in bitcoins because I didn't knew what exactly the use was and never thought of it as an investment. But when a friend told me that we can bet at primedice using bitcoins, I actually got into bitcoins and made some bets which then amazed me and that's how I started crypto gambling and how I got going with bitcoins and crypto in general. Then I found stake and my sports betting got going with crypto too What I love about stake are following things: 1- Instant withdrawals because other website takes at least 10-20 mins and I want no waiting for my coins. 2- 24/7 support and that actually solves problems not just a automated reply. 3- chat box that makes me feel like a family. many more but these are the main things for now
  5. If you visit the sports chat section you will notice how many people are calling the table tennis matches rigged which makes me believe that there is something wrong but if there are so many people complaining about something there must be something true about it. I also see a lot of matches going from 0-2 to 3-2 and the player just looses it quite casually and hence I prefer casino over TT.
  6. I only had the dream of wagering 1 btc to get vip level and I have accomplished it pretty easily. I hope you can turn your $10 into a btc soon but I can tell you it's not that easy. All the best though
  7. Thanks everyone for wishes and thanks @faris for the great guide
  8. Hey guys been sometime already but I just wanted to say hello to all and give me tips and suggestions about forum haha and hope anyone reading this has a great day and lots of luck
  9. Hello guys as we all know due to covid-19 all the sports are delayed and rightly so because we cannot risk life for the sake of fun/betting. But that said, it has caused a huge void for gamblers as we now find no sports to bet on most of the day. So what is your favorite sport now days and how has been your profits with them? For me, I started with Russian table tennis but after a pattern and series of strange events I stopped betting because it feels like some of them are surely rigged or something is wrong. I then got to dota2 but due to limited events and low level of knowledge about teams I had to stop that too. Now days I am mainly betting on league of legends and I find it pretty fun and profits have been fine if not good. I will be betting tomorrow on Team WE vs TopEsports and I have a strange feeling that WE will win despite 4.5 odds! Whats your favorite game guys?