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  1. I have just received this video and found it really amazing, loved the clear way the guy uses to explain everything about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the difference between the Corona and a regular flu, about all the viruses system, how to control the pandemic and even what we must do in order to protect ourselves and the those we love. Hope this video help us understand how serious the current world's situation is.
  2. It is for Primedice and Stake websites
  3. The issue with that kind of site is that they normally dont understand about casino nor about cryptos so their translations / reviews could not be as accurate as we need.. also I am giving our community a chance first as they are already using our sites and they could provide a (way) better service for the rest of us
  4. I left it here so people could see easily. About your friend well, thats sad.. if he is already a Stake user it would be really good for both of us as we could have someone that already know the site and could also be good to him to get his payment directly to his Stake account
  5. As title says, I am looking for a Korean and a Japanese native speakers that may be interested in doing some translations reviews (proof of read). Weekly payments, in BTC. Anyone interested can send me your portfolio (with previous translation / reviewer jobs you have done) to Carollzinha on Telegram. If you dont have a portfolio, no worries, we have other ways to confirm you are able to speak / write any of these languages but, obviously, having it is already an advantage you have among the others.
  6. Damn it, as a nature lover you guys made it harder for me to choose something.. these are 4 amazing causes so maybe @Jess you could allow me to vote for all of them, please? Anyways I am voting for Forgotten Animals as their job is almost the same as my beloved WWF ❤️