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  1. Current Streamers Schedule

    Yeah there is a faucet limit but trust me, faucet abusers know exactly how to abuse it and make a profit much bigger than you think.. Anyway, this is not a topic for this kind of discussion
  2. Current Streamers Schedule

    But we can't forget that decreasing the minimum tip could also help faucet farmers to abuse even more than they actually do
  3. Current Streamers Schedule

    With BTC reaching $13k and minimum tip being 10k you can't expect streamers to do so much giveaways anymore
  4. Looking For New Streamers

    Yeah I heard about it I actually don't explain anything through PM as everything is explained in this topic here and the other topic linked in the main post
  5. What do you think will happen? (North Korea)

    This is when I am glad for being in South of Brazil, which is over 11k miles away from there (as their missils reach up to 8080 miles) lol Well, no jokes now.. thats a serious issue and yeah, just like @Grifter said, this tension is so damn insane, the whole world is already in alert
  6. Music Giveaway

    Thanks Micro for sponsoring our Music Giveaway!! We gonna run this giveaway every weekend at a random time, so stay tuned! How it works: I will give a random phrase of any music (old or new) and what you have to do is give me the song name + singer / band The Prize: 10k satoshis will be sent to the first to give me the right infos. The tip will be send to the winner Stake account linked to his / her forum account. And to start, an easy song!
  7. x1000000000000

    LOL that was not f12 edit, that was real
  8. Current Streamers Schedule

    Boss's decision
  9. x1000000000000

    Nop, it was a bug that Chartbet had a long time ago.. it would not allow you to Cashout (just like @Anders90 picture)
  10. x1000000000000

    Mine is better than yours
  11. Current Streamers Schedule

    The schedule is updated!
  12. My Personal Strategy

    I have played Mines only while Chartbet was not working and I made around $500 profit with this strategy.. also used this same strategy for months to play 1.5x payout on Primedice and managed to make over $2000 so no, I don't think thats a dumb strategy
  13. Tomorrow No stream!!!!

    Enjoy your free day @OlegBarca
  14. Godloft is trying to blackmail

    @GodLoft you knew the risk before you do invest in him and these deals were not made on forum, were made using Stake chat or private messages, which is not a legal way to do such a deal.. also, as it was posted a long ago here on forum, Stake is not responsible for any kind of investment you decide to do Regard to this topic So well, in resume, you are by your own @GodLoft and @QQFools was given a second chance, which does not mean he was successful in his first try so your investment is gone, I am sorry. I would strongly recommend you to accept his offer to pay back the amount you invested on him to avoid more trouble as it may not end well for both of you
  15. I want to be a Stake Streamer!!

    Thanks for the tag @ThugStream Well yeah I would strongly recommended her to talk to me before (if she ever wants to be part of the official team) as for now we have 3 new streamers doing their trial and they are so far so good so the team should be kinda overfull for the budget we have at the moment But still it does not mean that she can't try and do a demo and if she does well she may already be in the list for the next time we gonna need new people (and honestly a woman would be so fucking awesome as we only have men at the moment )