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  1. The thing is that usually mutes are justified. But humans can be wrong, so do the mods and supports. Accidentts do happen, as I like to say. But an appeal is mainly useful if you really have done nothing wrong and even better: you can prove it.
  2. Nah. Usually I'm fine with a particular amount and just pay out. Once you get greedy, you'll do mistakes and in the end you might end up with ragebetting. And we all know that turns out badly more often than good.
  3. Well. I‘m not a hodler and not a trader. But sometimes if you got some coins and no need to spend them right away, I can be surely interesting. Why pay 0.002 for a pizza, if you might pay 0.0017 for it. Also interesting when you want to exchange to fiat, but don’t need to hurry.