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  1. DIAMONDPOKER: 18,895,507,938 placed by CaptainLorca on 22/03/2020 Wagered 0.03700000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.03700000
  2. Currywurst ist ein zeitloser Klassiker.
  3. Ja gut.. die kleinen Extras die man halt bekommt. Hinzukommt halt die Extra (reload) Funktion, wenn man weiter aufsteigt
  4. When you break the rules, there is no right for you to do anything. That’s just it. Rules are available to everyone and you need to follow them. If you respect them, there won’t be a problem. The Bad side of a mute is the mute itself.
  5. Thats a clear case. Once you break the rules and get muted or banned, you lose every benefit of the usage to the site. Thats in 99,99% cases the right thing. If you just can't chat and still do the other stuff, you might be able to continue with what you did before. Thats simple. The bad side of being muted is in fact being muted. I don't see any point where someone could complain about that. Someone gets muted for a reason and has to swallow it - to say it with easy words.
  6. Die Seite gibts auch nicht mehr. Ich mach den Topic mal dicht.
  7. Wenn BTC noch mal auf $10 runterfällt, weiß ich nicht ob der sich davon noch mal erholen kann.
  8. Ich häng bei Silber fest, macht aber nix 😂😂😂
  9. Ja. Eindeutig viel zu spät man. Man hätte nen Reibach machen können...
  10. Remember it well.. seen Hilo in a stream and somewhen found my way here :‘D! So I quickly ran for Hilo but I really can’t remember if I won the first game or not.