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  1. Gonna laugh my as off if someone wins with 0.0000001 doge.
  2. HILO: 6,942,187,291 placed by CaptainLorca on 08/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.491299629211426x Profit 0.00001049
  3. Well.. i‘d Be the free pizza button if there was one. Besides that I‘d be the the 0x multiplier because i‘m A zero in life ;(
  4. On a regularly basis. Pizza, video games, gift cards for amazon. I bought a lot of stuff with crypto already. Even things like Electronic devices and what not.
  5. Thats Steve‘s Job (pun intended). But it’s always good to get in touch with them. Fun guys to have around, really :D. next to all the business stuff they have to do, they‘re still on the ground. Same goes for Support and Moderators. But I‘m still waiting for the prize of my photoshop bet yesterday (xD) and more seriously for the free pizza button
  6. Guys. Stranger Things 3 spoiler free zone here! But get to it and watch it.
  7. If you can’t exchange Bitcoin, then the purpose is actually.. well there is none then. Bitcoin is not the weapon of choice in our daily life. I still need my countries currency.
  8. I don’t play the hotkeys, because of the following story: On Stakes older brother, someone once lost a good amount when he wanted to answer a trivia, but wasn’t in the chatbox. In general... it’s more often accidental lose than win.
  9. It’s all about fun. Casinos just want your money. And you want theirs. As long as you‘re winning, it’s pure fun.. but when you start losing don’t. Thats what it’s all about imo.