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  1. Venezuela releasing its own coin PETRO coin

    When it’s backed on oil it fluctuates with it. Maybe not the smartest move, when we keep in mind that electric cars are modern and we try to use clean energy and not oil..
  2. Happy Valentines Day"ish"

    No love goes over pineapple pizza
  3. Do you like sound when you play or no?

    Sound off... it just disturbs me. I often listen to music or watch TV next by.. so. off
  4. Happy Valentines Day"ish"

    You disappoint me.
  5. Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    That’s quite a lot for Me it looks like an investment and wait for growth and then selling. Otherwise I couldn‘t explain it...
  6. What's your dream car?

    I like old cars. Especially the Volkswagen Polo 86c Coupé! And the Volkswagen Golf 1 Cabrio :)! one day I‘ll get one and restore it! but when it comes to newer cars.. Tesla. Enough said.
  7. I like you bmg. And damn was that a close rh earlier the day :D! dunno bigman so well. but back 2 topic: i get why you‘re angry. Sometimes it really looks like particular people get tipped more often. By I also see it from regular users. They tip some users more than others. My point on that is, that we shouldn‘t be angry/jealous or whatever you want to call it. If someone is giving away money, it’s their choice. And also their choice who they will tip and we have no right on it. (I know you‘de Addressing the topic selflessly!) I gave away some more sats too (also on PD) and the most of the time you‘ll find at least one person complaining. i don‘t monitor who gets tips from whom, but there is no other chance than just accepting it. So I dunno what’s going on. its good to talk about topics like that. But another question is.. were the untipped people active in chat when Mladen tipped? I saw the situation when I was checking my commission.. I saw Shinjo active (I believe he got tippe - he had at least his flame on). don‘t get me wrong bmg. I‘m taking a neutral stand on this and we always should reflect both sites.
  8. 20K trivia giveaway !!!

  9. Beat this game;Win a Whole coin

    Yeah.. unless no one would mine the game files.. there is the problem. If it’s in the files, someone might find it.
  10. what will happen to bitcoin in 2018

    And what makes you think that?
  11. Mobile Games

    I play True Skate! i also have tomb raider 1+2 to play.. but it’s a little tricky with a touchscreen
  12. 0.02 giveaway Fun Filipino Stream💗

    CaptainLorca on duty!
  13. Predict the Ball's Movement

    You just cannot predict it. The balls can do big jumps. I had one at the yellow area and it jumped to the last multiplier on the left site
  14. Dark Web good or bad?

    I just decided to not share information about the darknet and changed my post. Google it up. All I say now is: There are pretty normal sites.. and illegal. Some of the illegal are over the top. Just google it.
  15. Gun control In US

    The problem is that the gun control depends on the different states. So like in Texas even church’s goin to a shootingground with the community. in states where it’s common to own a gun is it really hard to forbid it. The people won‘t vote again the same party. its tragic that schoolshootings happen that often. @HappyBitcoin yes. Who wants a weapon will find one. But in some states weapons are all around and easy to access and even to buy legally. if you ask me.. out a strict gun control.