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  1. Yes you say right if you want come top 50 then you must 3,4 Btc wegar need . If you want in top 100 then you need 2 Btc wegar . This is very tough competition. But this race give help to upgrade level.
  2. It is not easy to get a good position in the races, every day the competition is bigger, and with that, whoever wants to be among the winners needs to bet a few bitcoins so that they can reach their goal, the problem is to bet too high and leave in damage with large strings of reds.
  3. three to four btc wagering is like impossible for me, and i always said race is only for high rollers, even normal race is hell hard to compete, so i am enjoying race watching players rolling and position but i cant participate, better for me to roll for profit.
  4. I was shocked as well that the races went 24 hours long. A while ago, I was about to check my current race position and I saw that I was at 3k plus position. And I was like, "what???? There has never been this many at races" the I saw that they turned it into 24 hours long. Anyway, it's not a big deal for me because that is how the races at primedice goes. But maybe for some, maybe they will not favor it.