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  1. The graph for the week indicates that Bitcoin is in a strong bullish direction because there is oversold oversold of the MACD indicator, and this is what we notice in this graph because Bitcoin is heading to $ 10,000 in the coming months after next May or more.
  2. Sometimes I do not follow the matches that I bet on, because I am very busy working in trading in the crypto currency market, but I follow the games that are played at night only, such as European leagues and very large matches, and if there is a good bet I bet on him in direct.
  3. Sport is significantly better than the casino because sport can expect several matches from several strong teams around the world, especially Europe, such as Barca, Real, and other strong teams that can expect to win and reap good profits from them, but the casino cannot expect that the bet will win Like red and black, because each of them can be repeated several times and lose your money easily, so betting on soccer is much better.
  4. The best way to win that I use in betting on football is to bet on the corners because they are not subject to anything like expecting to win in the interview and this is a good and profitable game in football and you earn good profits from them, but you should not place many interviews only 2-4 interviews in Every bet.
  5. I love betting on colors like red and black because there are several good strategies to work with and you can make a good profit from them. Therefore, they are the best plan to work in roulette.
  6. It is a good suggestion, but it is difficult to bet on several numbers in one bet, such as keno game. I think it is difficult to change this feature because each game has its own law and things that distinguish it from other games.
  7. Windows rely heavily on luck in the roulette game, and I don't play it often because it is a big risk, so I rely on the colors only. Red and green are better luck than difficult numbers.
  8. This is very funny, and at the same time I am surprised that the red color has won 32 times, and this is something that you will not believe to be true, but it has already occurred for several years, and this makes one move away from the roulette game to avoid losing.
  9. Searching for the number '0' is very difficult so I think it is very natural because the number '0' does not always come, but it is not present in the game of roulette because the most always is the red and black color and this is a very natural thing.
  10. This is very joyful news because this is a great opportunity for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, because dealing with money is difficult in the country of Italy now, which is living in a very big crisis, so it deals with Bitcoin for some is the only solution for them and this is a great motivation to rely on Bitcoin in the future.
  11. This is a good thing to help miners reduce the coronavirus, which has killed most people around the world, and to create this idea is good to help spread the disease and restore life to its normal course, and cryptocurrencies will be the most prominent event because it has helped people in this big crisis.
  12. I think that you have good luck in your follow-up soon, when the games are back in the coming days because you bet well and you have well-chosen matches. My brother continued in this field because you are distinguished and very lucky.
  13. Goals strategy is good, but not all of these interviews should be played in one bet, because it is a big risk in losing one match, so 3-4 matches must be played in every bet to avoid losing a lot because most matches do not score goals.
  14. A very good strategy in ice hockey, but sometimes more than 5.5 goals are not scored because there are crucial and difficult interviews in all leagues, especially the American League because it is my favorite and strong like the English Premier League. There are few goals in most matches.
  15. bobdice

    Who will win?

    Chelsea defeated Watford 4-0. It was a good and interesting interview, and it was a good opportunity to win big money because the Chelsea team had a good bet of 95%, and it is a great opportunity. Therefore, this interview was known to be Chelsea who will win.