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  1. stake username: zaharris orange Eddie and the teams rocks! Stake is #1!!!!
  2. stake username: zaharris VIP: GOLD Eddie and the team ROCKS! STAKE IS #1!!!!!
  3. username: zaharris VIP: Gold You and the whole team rock, Eddie. Thanks! Stake is #1!
  4. username: zaharris VIP level: Gold Eddie rocks and Stake is #1!
  5. Stake username: zaharris (Gold VIP) Eddie rocks and Stake is #1!
  6. 10 post min limit was definitely the issue. after posting here that I was having the same issue, I was finally up to ten posts and able to submit my username for Eddie's Twitch Stream Giveaway. Good luck to you all!
  7. stake id: zaharris (gold vip) Eddie rocks and Stake is number 1!!! 😁🤩🤑
  8. same here, I can't respond to Eddie's stream post to get my username up. I've always been able to before... @admin please help us... lol
  9. Fully agree. same here. I sleep as little as possible (if at all, lol) during those 5 days to claim as much as possible to then wager as much as possible. Just made Gold VIP this evening, btw. 🤑 So stoked. I love stake!