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  1. varka1985 wenge lol不不不
  2. Varka1985 2814 position dont knw if thats a secret position or not
  3. What i did was gave my parrot a bath.. Played with my kitties.. Then watched insidous horror movie with my curtains n lights off.. One thing is that i was hiding behind my sofa as it became very scary the noises from the film.. Amazing moving wtched it till end Then it was time to get back to normal n return to stake
  4. after win the 4 digit number
  5. i think the new rules are very good as when high rolers rain the chat is turned into spam with useless types just for rains creating menace for others who actually are betting and chating regarding thier bets n other info of sports or casino. why only rely on rains why not depo small amounts and play too ..
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