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  1. hmmm never been a part of telegram challenge because for its use i have to on my vpn and mostly it make my system hang. what if along with announcement of challenge being made in chat room as well. This would be beneficial for many.
  2. well its mostly human being who play here and the second important most as we care about the amount of coins we have for betting same way every player maybe allocated with words limit as per there level or use of chat, further chat words quota may be given as reward to the active players who use mostly positive words either way beneficial for casino and other players as well. so let fix every one with the counter of words written in chat room i most will be using them positively. interesting would be the allocation of increase or decrease limits as per performance will be an additional to do for moderator of chat and other relevant staff. like if i say fuck xyz, insulting other player, doing cross taunting or alike things shall be award with negative marking resulting as reduction of words n vise versa daily awarded. Second for technical things i don't think making chat stop will be an good option technically scientist can tell weather good for stake software or not. yes that would be great along with categorization of chat rooms available on language basis if similarly they were split in accordance to the age groups or other groups as management find it possible would ease to gather the people of almost same mentality and actions through words. win for peer group person and his response will obviously changed while comparing with mature. while beep idea is good rather then beep if some nice music or sound may be made for little will be awesome. qualitative chat will eliminate all barriers if one remain attentive and having interest in chat then never will be required with beep or stop the chat.
  3. Research and development are the tools followed by the human beings since decades to attain best in there lives and for future. Similarly what i believe along with casino Stake is the place where one can do day to day research in alliance with the human behavior and needs along with earning and burning to get money or grades. Growth only may be possible when the parameters are aligned with the needs and desired goals. Today after logging to the website it was ray of feelings who were leaving good impression on brain and heart. while staying at stake website the use of brain, heart, eyes, internet, electricity, mouse, keyboard etc remains at high percentage. irrespective of win or lose human involvement is high with out any doubt on the website. what i want to see as your response via comment who may providing me or any body interested in the queries made below narrated with one's own expressions, experience and judgments. 1. what were your expressions and feelings after seeing updates being a player or gambler? 2. Do you think there should be a limit of words expressed, shared or spitted out in the chat room of stake weather casino or sports to the players in accordance to the level they have?
  4. DIAMONDS: 23,483,807,723 placed by Caterpillar40 on 03/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00012000 DIAMONDS: 23,565,870,638 placed by Caterpillar40 on 05/06/2020 Wagered 0.80000000 Multiplier 5x Profit 3.20000000
  5. well was doing calculations of my deposits and withdrawl in numbers, was shocked to know that only had 44 time withdrawls against 244 time deposits, the statistics were up from February 2020 till date. lost big money for nothing and yes there is no single day happen to me that i go off with out getting bust, what should be done to overcome all this sick statistics? ideas and suggestions are requested from those who are real players only.
  6. Two words i mostly use for stake, which are not good but is there any one who have the most lower scatter ever had in the history of gambling? Slots: #22,924,937,839 thanks have fun
  7. since long i am playing stake but never had a win, always and just ended with lose of every single coin, no doubt some times my mistake and most of the times casino's watch dogs efforts. looking for conclusion.....
  8. i was just roaming around the forum no doubt most busy one in terms of casino thousand hundred player daily come get knowledge information and also share there opinion and experiences, while peeking into many topics and content one thing i found most annoying who was old posts i think there should be a policy or automated system who may keep new posts contents shared or promotional contents from stake for a specific period of time, its time consuming, confusing and looks not good (personal opinion its not mandatory that every one is of same view). should be a specific period for each post and after it on request one may see them otherwise waste of eye sight lolz.
  9. good mathematics, but it depends where is foking luck if called being gamble
  10. Catterpillar 40 Nice tested my first 10 post complete today
  11. When ever i play mines i feel fear to hit mine and this is what ever happened i identify mine to hit first. That would be Cool if one had selected three mine then he or she hit three consider lose, but it looks not possible. Never had luck with.
  12. Are you in favour of new slot games at stake if yes why and if no any reason specific.