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  1. yes i am caterpillar40 i joined stake and i still remember those days when watching legends talking at chat room doing this and that lolzz, i wished to talk like them but i was not permitted to do so coz there were some land marks who was to wager, all the time thinking how that would be possible and how but finally i did and the day i did i start talking chat room on first day was awarded with mute coins though was not that faulty but yes it happen who make me more rigid and taunting followed by another mute and then another and all of sudden one day got perm due to the sin which i never had
  2. hurrrah happy as never before yes because i hit 20000x when players been asked to hit during telegram challenge today dated 17th September 2020 and most pleasuring having name on stake telegram official as winner.
  3. for recognition's and my memories at forum of stake, some time it happen 🥰
  4. the topic is as simple as it could be just wanted to know fellow players about it and what that it is to login website of stake while knowing the reason as complete zero or nil wallets while exception to those who come to deposit to gamble. like example for response # 1. i come to see high rollers 2. i come to chat 3. i come to make mess around in the chat etc etc hope to get some realistic responses
  5. big strategy is patience and lots of coin in the wallet when have balls to play then can hit any thing
  6. WHEEL: 27,247,872,073 placed by Caterpillar40 on 04/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000128 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000128 WHEEL: 27,247,865,418 placed by Caterpillar40 on 04/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000128 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000128 WHEEL: 27,247,867,939 placed by Caterpillar40 on 04/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000128
  7. well if talking regrets so i am myself a big regret for me, and if i was not me then for sure wanted to be me . lolz food for taught. i always wanted to fly like birds having wings may this come true one day (butterfly)
  8. hmmm never been a part of telegram challenge because for its use i have to on my vpn and mostly it make my system hang. what if along with announcement of challenge being made in chat room as well. This would be beneficial for many.
  9. well its mostly human being who play here and the second important most as we care about the amount of coins we have for betting same way every player maybe allocated with words limit as per there level or use of chat, further chat words quota may be given as reward to the active players who use mostly positive words either way beneficial for casino and other players as well. so let fix every one with the counter of words written in chat room i most will be using them positively. interesting would be the allocation of increase or decrease limits as per performance will be an additional to do f
  10. Research and development are the tools followed by the human beings since decades to attain best in there lives and for future. Similarly what i believe along with casino Stake is the place where one can do day to day research in alliance with the human behavior and needs along with earning and burning to get money or grades. Growth only may be possible when the parameters are aligned with the needs and desired goals. Today after logging to the website it was ray of feelings who were leaving good impression on brain and heart. while staying at stake website the use of brain, heart, eyes,
  11. DIAMONDS: 23,483,807,723 placed by Caterpillar40 on 03/06/2020 Wagered 0.00004000 Multiplier 4x Profit 0.00012000 DIAMONDS: 23,565,870,638 placed by Caterpillar40 on 05/06/2020 Wagered 0.80000000 Multiplier 5x Profit 3.20000000
  12. well was doing calculations of my deposits and withdrawl in numbers, was shocked to know that only had 44 time withdrawls against 244 time deposits, the statistics were up from February 2020 till date. lost big money for nothing and yes there is no single day happen to me that i go off with out getting bust, what should be done to overcome all this sick statistics? ideas and suggestions are requested from those who are real players only.
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