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  1. The news is taking a long time to arrive this year, but I think that soon something new will appear here, as 2019 was a year of great launches here at Stake, our expectation for 2020 is great, but surely everyone is working to bring great things .
  2. Hi guys again! Should we anticipate this 2020 a new game in stake? Crypto? Or new events? If you guys got any idea on improving stake lets share. 😊 maybe we ask them to make it, and maybe you can see your suggestions getting implemented. Thanks.
  3. It was clearly stated there that you have to end up on an odd number. Placing on the 18th is an even number. In behalf of my real life friend I would like to apologize. I'd teach her about this when I visit her apartment.
  4. Andrea12


    Well, my reload has ended, was a great run, thanks a bunch to Eddie and co for providing this great treat to the none VIPs! Although I busted everything, at least I played with different cryptos to get some wagering and made the numbers more beautiful, but that's an OCD thingy on my part! 😃
  5. dont participating in this race because i cant afford, i dont even participate in 120 minutes races, i think i can make some profit with normal game, if i try to compete in race i know i cant get any nice spot also i can bust my all balance as well, but this 24 hours race is good and fun for high rollers.
  6. I always say this. Max betting is 50/50 no matter the chance satke is showing. It is either you lose all, or you gain. It is as simple as that. 2ndly, I am always given a reload of 4k sats in a day, I change it to LTC and roll for bigger rewards. Sometimes I become successful, sometimes I just bust everything. Yesterday, I took 4k sats to almost 215000 sats and I busted it all on Sports book (Counter strike). It is as simple as that. Just have fun with it andmove on. Thanks to stake for the initiatives.
  7. How come you always ask about this lol. The thing is , it's not that easy thing to do. Anyway, we should just wait. They will release it, it's just a matter of time.
  8. I think it's important to point out that Stake is the community of players, not the site, that is where we meet. Things change that's the nature of life, but so long as the community of players has cohesion, there will always be a stake .