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  1. This will be huge for mass crypto adoption, let's hope older phones are supported as well (like my Note 10 plus!)
  2. Biggest mistake was sending 3 btc to the wrong address back when I was a noob and it was worth ~1500$ , never made that type of mistake again, copy/paste folks, always.. lol.
  3. Honestly I think there are plenty more outlets for NL Hold'Em around, Stake is unique in this regard and in the way they implement their games in general. I am probably in the minority, but I'd like to see Stake remain Hold'Em free. I'd much rather them continue to add to their already stellar roster of games that are developed in their own Stake style.
  4. Been playing Diamonds as well, I think the 0.1x outcome needs to be less than 49%, because let's face it 0.1x is basically 0, and between the 0 outcome and the 0.1x outcome that is a 65% chance to lose your wager... the 0.1x should be at least 0.5x if it's not going to change from 49.99%. The game kinda feels like flushing money down the toilet in its current state. I do appreciate the dev work though!
  5. Where can we find the list of winners now that this is finished?
  6. Man I am itching to try this now.. awesome hit!
  7. I will definitely try this thanks for a great share. I have also found plinko on ultra high with 16 rows a great way to earn back btc, start with 100k sats bet amount in 1k sat, turn auto on and most of the time you will double or triple up within the first minute. Happy betting!
  8. This is nothing new, and definitely not a trick, appreciate the share but people please be cautious using these types of martys
  9. I think this ten min reload is wonderful I hope they do more!