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  1. Do your actions align with your true desire? I am always try to keep my desire in a right align.. Because if you dont have any action align to achieve your Desire then you never be Able to success .. Also to achieve your Desire you need to faced many bad situation which can break your desire aim but you need to be strict.. And i follow this all words.. Whenever i get any problem i Become patience and keep my action align hardly..hope you understand What is the possibility for their realization?? As far as i can guess my desire wont be able to make disappointed because i choice my desire like i am able to achieve ... My desire is same as my skills so i think there has the possibility to realization my desire.. Does you reality hold you back? I dont think so becuase i only focus my desire as it the key of my success ... Yes reality bring to us so negative effect but every time i break all negative effect becuase i need to achieve my desire.. Infect we need to have positive effect in OUR mind to achieve desire and thus we can be free from reality negative force.. How willing you are to sacrifice yourself to fulfill them? If you are strict with your desire then you can sacrifice impossible thing too.. My sacrifice thing is different , i usually do hard work to achieve my Desire.. For achieve so,i even work in different place to lead my educational expensive as my financial position is not much good.. If money is not an issue, what is holding you back? I am not much rich so if money is not a issue then i dont think that nothing can hold me back .. Because i often think if i were rich then i wont need to face any trouble to reach my desire .. If money is not an issue then without any doubt i can be free from tensions and do more struggle to achieve my desire Who is the right person who can help you to achieve them? I am still young so my family and Teacher help me much to achieve my desire .. Family help me in financial way and teacher help us by giving advice when we break down for face a big problem.. Sometimes my Friend also help me in different way to achieve my desire.. You know how important a good friend is! Do your actions align with your true desire? I am not properly ensure About it but i try my best always to keep my action in a align way.. You know when we going to complete our desires we face many problem which break down our plan so our action can't be align for a moment but later we need to keep our action again in a proper way.. Thus my action lil bit align and i am trying my best..
  2. Let me tell which team will win πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Quarter finals: Manchester city will win vs LYON Bayern will win but barcalona will lose Atletico Madrid wins vs leizpzig PSG will wins vs atlanta Semi Finals Bayern will win vs Man city Psg win vs Atletico madrid Final Bayern vs PSG But winner is Byern
  3. Happy birthday stake.. I have tried to participants on stake birthday though my wish not much good.. https://youtu.be/IEA-mbIcTxU
  4. I always think about gambling that if some day I can cash out 1 btc from stake.I often think so...maybe for this reason ,recently I saw a dream that while play limbo I get 1 btc..you can't imagine how much I was happy..but the funkiest thing hit me is tension that where I keep my money now..how to sell this money. If exchange site stole it...how I will waste this money...I may buy iPhone now,...this kind of think make me frustrated. But suddenly I woke up and see ,it have been morning and I just laying in bed..for a moment I start think where my money gone.. Its really made me frustrated.. But I still dream that the dream come trueπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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