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  1. Do your actions align with your true desire? I am always try to keep my desire in a right align.. Because if you dont have any action align to achieve your Desire then you never be Able to success .. Also to achieve your Desire you need to faced many bad situation which can break your desire aim but you need to be strict.. And i follow this all words.. Whenever i get any problem i Become patience and keep my action align hardly..hope you understand What is the possibility for their realization?? As far as i can guess my desire wont be able to make disappointe
  2. Let me tell which team will win πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Quarter finals: Manchester city will win vs LYON Bayern will win but barcalona will lose Atletico Madrid wins vs leizpzig PSG will wins vs atlanta Semi Finals Bayern will win vs Man city Psg win vs Atletico madrid Final Bayern vs PSG But winner is Byern
  3. Happy birthday stake.. I have tried to participants on stake birthday though my wish not much good.. https://youtu.be/IEA-mbIcTxU
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