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  2. Owh ,for me it's really hard task to make my own wallets as it fully based of technical brain and i have no brain plus i am not a computer engineer๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚..by the way best of luck and if you able to make a wallets just suggested me i wanna use your wallets..thank you bro๐Ÿ˜Œ
  3. From your information it's clear that it's not the right time to hold btc for short term... I think so that next 2 week currency price will increase more but later down again...bitcoin today hit 7500k usd which is really a great change of bitcoin price as it come in this price from 4k last month๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Thank you for your valuable information about crypto market conditions now..yes nowadays price pump and dump frequently though the world crisis still effect on crypto market...but price still increase...it's a matter of research
  5. Crypto currency stock market still down but all currency price still going high it shocked some crypto trader and they predicted that all crypto currency price will dump again this month...my some friend wanna hold some ltc for short term..if all price dump soon then they should stop invest now for short time i think....do you have any idea now about holding currency to invest by short term guys??
  6. Yes you are right brother.. From view days all crypto currency price update i mean increase.. I have posted about eth selling time ...most of member just me to hold eth because they said eth will hit 200usd soon and it become true that soon eth will hit 200usd plus
  7. Yes everyone suggested me so that hold now because soon eth price will pump and it already happen...eth price now around 168usd which is high than previous week.. hope it price will pump more so i am still hold my btc...thank for advice
  8. Believed in hard work not in luck because god always make two way about luck...god has made your luck that will certainly happen and you will not be prepared for face that but another way of luck is you have to work hard for reach your goal
  9. My own suggested is leaves mining and start invest in bitcoin or hold btc..because in mining there has a chance to lose your money moreover nowadays mining is hard and difficult so its time exit mining... Most of bitcoin lover now trade on btc not again mining
  10. Thanks for your kind information about holding btc...better i hold btc now for long term which will lead me to great profit but some trader invest now for short term as they guess btc will rise up this month.. How if the btc price become 12k this month and who hold btc for long term is bad luck but holding short term is pretty some time...all one know in future crypto will pump more
  11. Gambling is a high task where has chance to lose your money...so my suggeste is dont play too long..when you see you have a big win now then stop playing and take rest..enjoy your win now don't be much greedy
  12. Now bitcoin current price is 7450usd ....many bit coin trader say that btc price will dump again..as we earn btc to sell it in high profiy and some hold it for high profit so is we all should hold now btc for long term or not...my own thinking is in investment it doesn't matter about long-term or short-term. The most important thing in investing is about investment management. A lot of people experience huge losses and there are also some people making huge profits, bitcoin fluctuations are very high and fast..so what do you think about bitcoin invest now??
  13. It's a good news for indian people who are full based on Crypto currency... A most number of people use Crypto currency use to do trading... They wait for this moments for a long time and it come true..now they can do trading more goodly...crypto increase it popularity more