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  1. I remember back less than a year ago (I believe) when you would select lucky wins on each game it would show us our own lucky wins in the list with the top three. That was an awesome feature and an easy way to pull up old bet ids to share with chat. What do you think about bringing that back? thanks!
  2. The reasoning for adding USDT is solid but it sure makes me nervous the way Bitfinex handles their business. Still though, most of us either play to completion and funds exhausted or win some and cash out same session so even in Bitfinex implodes and USDT drops to .03 the chances of me sitting on any at that time are minimal. In short, USDT would be a decent option.
  3. Hello again. I think we were introduced in chat a day or two ago. They blur together… im sure you will enjoy your job and end up with plenty of stories to tell your friends.
  4. Wow that’s awesome. I like sword and the grail but it has taken me to bonus spins and left me at 14 of 15 shields more times than I care to admit.
  5. I wish for smoother and less resource intensive original stake games. I play from my phone 98% or the time and Blue Samuri and Scarabs make my phone heat up and they get so chunky and slow. It’s like a memory leak almost because it progressively gets worse during a play session. I recently purchased an iPhone 12s max and I was hoping it would show improvement on stake originals but it didn’t change things at all.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. You want to increase your chances of creating the perfect shit-storm?
  7. The End of the F...ing World it is on Netflix I believe. ”Based on the award-winning comic book series by Charles Forsman, `The End of the F...ing World' sees two 17-year-old outsiders, James and Alyssa, embark on a road trip to find Alyssa's estranged father, who left home when she was just a child. James, who's pretty convinced he's a psychopath, has decided it's time to graduate from killing animals to something bigger, and he's already got a target in mind. Alyssa, the embodiment of existential angst, feels like she doesn't fit in at her new school despite being quite popular. Together, they get caught up on a trail of violent events that grow increasingly more ominous as their quest progresses.”
  8. Cranberry juice is pretty awesome.
  9. Nissan GTR. I’ve owned an Altima, 300zx and 350z just trying to get that GTR money before I pass away.
  10. Ninja fox graduate
  11. That’s literally called staking someone isn’t it? Staking has got to be OK at stake. I say give it a shot.
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