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  1. Jiomy

    slots strategy

    I know that in a casino you can win, but not earn.
  2. Thank you for sharing. You have an interesting channel and there is a lot of useful information for me. I noticed that you don't have a lot of video views. My friend has his video blog on YouTube and he uses this service https://smoservice.net/youtube/youtube-video-views/ to attract new subscribers and increase the number of views. I think that you also need to think about how you can make your channel more popular and how to attract new visitors. There are different promotion strategies on social networks and I hope that you can choose what you need for this.
  3. Thank you for sharing!
  4. If you like making videos, then you can try this. I know that making videos for promotion on social networks is now possible without special knowledge, now there are so many different tools with which you can create cool videos. For example, here https://wave.video/ you can read more about this. Even if you just want to make a funny video for Tik Tok, this can really help you. I tried to shoot a video for story, it turned out cool. But I don't promote my personal Instagram, and it takes a lot of time to shoot a video, so I rarely do this.
  5. I love gambling, but I rarely play casinos.
  6. It’s very difficult for me not to change clothes. I like to dress in different styles and I would be uncomfortable wearing only jeans with a hoodie all week or only dresses.
  7. This is interesting, thanks for the info.