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  1. USER NAME: xXxRJxXx Lucky color : Indigo GOOD LUCK GUY'S
  2. 1. xXxRJxXx 2. 8hrs a day sometimes more than that if it is my rest day 3. To implement stake rules and maintain peace and to make chat happy and active coz of making some games without getting banned. 4. I want to become a MOD for more experience and be part of your team 5. YES 2x i guess due to the game of Ms. MOD truemeng hahaha self banned and muted by MOD wivbot due to disobey the chat rules hahah 6. No. never been a Mod on any other platform that's why i want to become a MOD and to have a new experience and its a training for me to become a good leader Let me suggest if I'
  3. yes mate i hold my babys hand when i bet all in... and it always work
  4. i think btc price hit 15k usd before end of this year
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