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  1. Digital technology helps change one's life and the presence of Bitcoin has shown a new era in this advanced technology world. Today many people are familiar with Bitcoin, although only a few countries accept it. We need to know that Bitcoin is an electronic money made in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The name is also associated with open source software that he designed, and also uses peer-to-peer networks without centralized storage or a single administrator where the United States Treasury calls bitcoin a decentralized currency. Is the presence of Bitcoin can help people who are below the poverty line, because many people say that Bitcoin is a way to make money easily and tax free for its users.
  2. Mostly i was pretty much interested in ethereum because of its stability, but bitcoin become down and it is our chances of getting big profit if we invest in bitcoin in this year.
  3. I heard this news in America one bank already start holding and treating bitcoin, many of advanced banks must be involved in crypto market very soon.
  4. You are even we all just making myths nothing else, no one knows because the reason of halving is still here and uncontrollable till time so anything can be happened now.
  5. People who are working on trading, they are just waiting and watching, because no one knows bitcoin will go more down or not, its dependent on covid Satuation.
  6. As you seen covid destroyed the whole world's economy but bitcoin came only on 5000 doller so its mean your dream always will remain dream.
  7. Many of other ecoins also launched but bitcoin is going to be more expensive because it is wel managed and organised team working behind it.
  8. As lock down Satuation people goes with digital currencies like e-banking and crypto currency, due to mostly people relying on paypal and e banking so they are using that method but people who just start using crypto currency are increasing.
  9. i tried many time with 20 lines but mostly it was not good and i lose multiple times, 3 lines is slow earning but very high chances of getting a better win.
  10. I will never recommend crash game for increasing wager history, dice game is more useful for that purpose but if dont want to lose move slow in any game.
  11. Shujah

    Quick question

    I am sharing my strategy with you, I start auto play with these settings : roll over 70, mean 3x on lose, multiple 50% amd on winning reset. bet amount not more than 50. you will see definitely winning and earning but your investment more than 0.01 in any coin.
  12. thanks but is there any options to see how much i already wegard? and what is publick or private
  13. Can any one help with my answers. my friend made account on my requests and now he want to make diposit, can i send him from my account to his account any crypto mo ey?
  14. sport books really safe then casino and profitable with luck too. casino is risky as i lost my 35doller in 2 minutes.
  15. mostly when i remains few bucks then i plag games for fun and when i have big amount and can be earn more then i try to earn with gambling.
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