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  2. casino:57918016038 please add my bet id because I have the message "You cannot share anonymous bets. Please change the settings on your profile, and try again!"
  3. Let's go ! King of the King The Gambling World 🀴 #FreeEddie
  4. #FreeEddie #EddieComeBackAndStay
  5. what's the difference bro, who needs the list? it is a circus anyway, not a chance that someone will choose you ... every week a group of the same people always win, they selected me for the last time at the beginning of January and I am fucking "grace", this is crap because these winners often repeat that it is the majority it's probably a fake support account and they reward themselves
  6. Bravo Stake, total skem, fake ... is it a casino or a circus? cheating with no chance of winning, too bad ... but what is happening to your charts? always missing money ... I lost $ 5 and the graph shows -3.61? $ is usually a scam, but if you cheat like this, it's a waste of time for that shit . Stake makes jokes, fake roshtein hits 10 times a day x1000 plinko for 2k $ bet ... and in fact this casino is just a skem, even if you cheat on the charts, such a fake , for more weeks, vanishing money, funny...every game, and always the graph shows that where money disappears ... it's funny but I'm sure not only I can see it ... anyway ... ignore it, with total skemem you can't win ... Let Roshtein dance on streams this will attract a lot of players hereπŸ˜‚πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ
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