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  1. seboafc Red color it's the color of love ❤️❤️❤️
  2. I like basketball the most, probably because I always liked to play basketball, sometimes you can get nice odds on the winning margin on the live, yesterday brose was losing by 6 points 5 minutes left, it's not that much ... and I caught it for 14 cents odds 85 that the brose will win with 6-10 points, I also made small bets to win 1-5 points, but I managed to hit sport:5737071
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    I'm not worried . I have been playing in online casinos for years and I am used to verification, believe that verification in Stake is easy, simple and pleasant. In some casinos, they come up with a selfie with a date card with a signature on the background of the casino in the monitor. If you hesitate, I would like to persuade you to do the verification because it's worth it because of better, twice as much prizes I in Poland, to use cryptocurrencies, I also have to verify because these are the regulations in my country, to use the Polish crypto exchange (BitBay) I also had to undergo v
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    hello, i'm verified, it doesn't really hurt, all you have to do is upload id or passport😇😇
  5. SLOTSSAMURAI: 32,701,730,992 placed by seboafc on 19/12/2020 Wagered 0.00042270 Multiplier 64.5x Profit 0.02684145
  6. HILO: 32,546,996,525 placed by seboafc on 17/12/2020 Wagered 0.67452000 Multiplier 118.058x Profit 78.95810341
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