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  1. I think investing in bitcoin is completely different from investing in oil. You can buy a lot of bitcoin and store it until the price rises, but this is very difficult for oil, I do not think it is that simple.
  2. There are many attempts to create a cryptocurrency that rivals Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rippel and other currencies, created with strong offers, but Bitcoin remains the best and most popular in the world.
  3. I agree with you my friend, the next halving event after less than two months will greatly affect the price of bitcoin, I think it will exceed 10k USD, now a great opportunity to invest in bitcoin before increasing its price.
  4. I think this is normal, as the global market has returned to recovery again, and the demand for bitcoin has increased due to its stability and not being affected by this epidemic, I think it will continue to rise to more than 10k USD.
  5. I agree with you my friend, the old one is more interesting than the new one , frankly the new game is disappointing.
  6. Today Bitcoin reached the same price before the spread of the epidemic, I think it is a positive indication, indicating that the coming days will carry surprises in the price of Bitcoin, and may reach 10k USD.
  7. Juventus player Paulo Dybala has tested positive for the newly born Corona virus (Covid-19), even though he recovered days before the virus. Dybala announced on March 21 that he was infected with the Corona virus, and he was subjected to house isolation, accompanied by his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, who was also infected with the virus. Dybala's girlfriend said they had undergone a new examination after the expiry of their two-week isolation period, and that they had recovered from the virus, which gave them comfort. However, new tests showed yesterday that the duo were still infect
  8. That's right, bitcoin transaction fees are very expensive compared to other cryptocurrencies, so I convert bitcoin to ethereum before starting transactions because its fees are much lower.
  9. This is a great humanitarian work by miners, a very beautiful idea that may help rid us of the specter of this virus, and return life to what it was before.
  10. This is a good indicator, indicating the confidence of people in this currency, and its entry into many aspects of life, and it may be a precursor to several steps to introduce Bitcoin into the buying and selling processes.
  11. Now this is an opportunity to buy, Bitcoin has decreased to 7k USD, and in these conditions the world is going through I expect that the price will not rise until we get rid of the specter of this epidemic.
  12. I don't think there is a better cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, as it is the most popular and widespread around the world. For me, Bitcoin comes first, then Ethereum, then the rest of the currencies.
  13. I always search for new strategies to try it out, I liked this strategy, I will try it and make sure it is correct.
  14. I will try this strategy, but if the loss continues, this loss will be great.
  15. Really nice game, unfortunately you weren't lucky with the last click but you can make up for this loss again.
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