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  1. Bitcoin
    Wassouf got a reaction from automatic in Perfect game   
    Really nice game, unfortunately you weren't lucky with the last click but you can make up for this loss again.
  2. Wow
    Wassouf got a reaction from taytots in What genre of music do you like?   
    In the morning when I go to work I hear some quiet and relaxing music, while evening I hear some popular local music, which is a little bit loud.
  3. Love
    Wassouf got a reaction from Magdsolieman in What do you expect the Bitcoin price to become after the Halvnig event   
    * Bitcoin Halving :

    Halving is the process of reducing the rate of creation of new digital currencies. Specifically, the word "Halving" refers to the events of reducing mining block rewards provided to miners.

    * The importance of halving :

    Halving operations is the essence of the economy of digital currencies, because it guarantees the issuance of new currencies at a fixed rate, this rate is used to combat inflation, and it is also one of the main differences between digital currencies and fiat currencies that can be printed in unlimited numbers.

    * The number of Bitcoin halving events that occurred before :

    There were only two Bitcoin halving operations, the first occurred in November , 2012 and the second in July , 2016 . At the time of the first Halving event the price of bitcoin was $ 12 and at the time of the second halving the bitcoin price bacame $ 650 .
    There will only be 32 Bitcoin Halving events, and after all these events have occurred it will not be possible to create new Bitcoin , as the maximum bid will be reached.

    What do you expect the Bitcoin price to become after the Halvnig event ?
  4. Love
    Wassouf reacted to niki014 in Don't Give Investment Advice   
    well yes and know 
    friends of mine always asked me what to invest for soem of them made a lot other lost 
    howeverwhen i give advice i tell them if u lose it dont blame me 
    and no1 ever did 
    but when they win ( which is in 90% of time ) they would say thanks  
  5. Love
    Wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in bitcoin at 9000$   
    This price was amazing in that period and now it is the passion of many that everyone is waiting for the return of Bitcoin to the price of $ 9000 because it fell two weeks ago to $ 4,500 and today it creates a lot of happiness when it rose to $ 7000
  6. Love
    Wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in Is Cloud Mining Worth It   
    I do not advise you to try cloud mining because it requires a lot of referrals and connects you to an unknown source mining company, that is, you work with an unknown party and it may be an attempt by a fraudster to steal personal information or use your personal computer processor as a mining tool without paying you for this.
  7. Love
    Wassouf reacted to Magdsolieman in The pizza guy   
    No one forgets this man. He wasted a fortune he did not know its importance for the pizza. It is the most expensive piece of pizza in the world. I think that until now he regretted this behavior, but it was a good lesson for everyone who today have low value currencies in order to wait for a high price and save them instead of buying pizza in those currencies. Precious coded it is a treasure worthy of patience
  8. Love
    Wassouf got a reaction from Magdsolieman in How to Start Bitcoin Trading From Beginning   
    As beginners, we must learn a lot about the cryptocurrency market, and know the reasons for the rise and fall of its value, and we must take advantage of the strategies that experts use in the field of trading, which bring them great profits ، at first, there must be a loss, but we must be patient in order to gain sufficient experience to enter the world of trading.
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