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  1. As this year have a more prominent beginning when contrasted with past hardly any years. There are huge numbers of new hopes made in our brain and we are presently more spurred than previously. What you guys have define any goal to accomplish till the remainder of this current year. I have a goal to gather right around 1 bitcoin whether I win it uninhibitedly or by some different exercises like trading and so on.
  2. itconsults

    Bitcoin ATMs

    If ATMs are introduced in crypto currencies throughout the world, it would be very easy to withdraw amount. And i think there is a great need of this, problem is that some countries have not legalized this currency yet, then how can they allow these ATM installation based on crypto currencies.
  3. Actually these currencies are new and have some limitations regarding transactions, for example some countries are not supporting this currency and you should have an internet connection to make an order. But in future, we would see better. Let's wait.....
  4. now the price is about 9100$ and it is still increasing and can go up to 10k $ but you are expecting too much at this time, 20K or 30K would be like a spike and can make people millionaire after halving if it happens.
  5. Everything is possible in crypto world, but we all are expected for good after halving, some people says that there will not be a great change after halving. Let's see what happens.
  6. We are noticing that crypto currencies are increasing in prices, but how can we predict that how much amount will have a specific token after five years, but it seems that it will progress.
  7. There are many wallets to secure your amount and many of them can be said as trusted but I like the most, coinbase wallet, it is very popular and secure wallet. You can get information easily from other sources too. If you use this wallet, you will tolerate less amount in fees.
  8. I think the price will go up. The price was increasing and went up to 10K $ but due to a severe health emergency, it went down. but now it is increasing again and hope it will touch 10K $ again. We are waiting for that.
  9. Yes, it seems that it would happen. Because now people are more educated regarding crypto. When the investment increases, or no of trader increases, the market behaves as the same direction.
  10. Many people are discussing about that now it has become the most popular topic in crypto. I think we cannot predict exactly but we can hope for the best. We hope that we will see a spike in the prices once again.
  11. So far the question is about LTC, it is a great coin and its price increases so much once in a year. But in which month the price will increase, I don't know. I am saying this on some previous experience.
  12. This is an old coin. But what does it mean. Many exchanges are being run based on bitcoin trading. This means people believe bitcoin and take the most reliable coin for trading. Because the risk factor would be almost zero if we deal in bitcoin.
  13. I think mostly people prefer bitcoin for all type of transactions. I don't deny the importance of other coins but in my experience, I see bitcoin the most reliable coin in crypto market.
  14. Block chain is the best at this time but coinbase is also a good option. I know block chain is the base wallet of crypto currencies but after that the second step wallet in crypto currency would be coinbase because of its reliability.
  15. Yes, it is a great time for investment. We all know that bitcoin and Eth both are the most trusted coins in the crypto market. But, if the price will go down, it would be a great loss also and we will have to wait more or hold our coins for more time. In fact, halving is a new term in crypto currency, that is why, first time, it is creating some confusions.