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  1. I doubt the increase because i have head some analysts say that the price would crash first before it then rises up again. I agree to this and probably some 100days after the price might pump very high.
  2. Well i really think that due to the fast transactions this two coins process. They will turn out to be very popular soon and which in fact lead to its massive increase in price. This is not an advice it is just my personal thought.
  3. Due to the time it takes to process bitcoin transactions, I think that it cant be used as a primary coin rather XML would be a very good option because it is very fast. XRP can also be an option.
  4. The clock is already ticking and we cant wait for it to start. About 8hours is left now. We do really hope that the price of bitcoin will boost after the halving although i have seen a lot of people saying that it there will be a massive fall.
  5. I also agree with you that those ATMs are not enough and there is need to get more o them especially with the fact that the crypto space is getting more and more people coming in daily. I do believe that 5000 ATMs wouldn't be enough to run the world.
  6. I have stored crypto currencies in all sorts of wallet both cold storage and hit storage. There is no doubt that cold storage are much more better than hot wallets.
  7. They are both safe in terms of security but there are some additional features that make each of them unique. You should check their sites for more explanation.
  8. It seems you need a wallet that handles many crypto currencies. I would recommend trust wallet because it doesn't only allow to store the ones you mention but also you can store ERC20 tokens.
  9. Speed isn't all that matters and so value is the most important thing. Because a coin is faster than Bitcoin does not means it is better. Bitcoin has been in the game for a long time do it deserves all the credits
  10. I recommend one of the two that I believe are very secured and also your funds are easily accessible. Trust wallet and blockchain wallet. Just give them a try.
  11. Well just by hodling them you will make good profits when the coin pumps. Also you can choose to invest them into something like to it investbox and make daily profits.
  12. Hardware wallets are the best form of wallets. You can safely put your money in there plus you will own the private keys.
  13. Corona virus has damaged a lot of economies including the crypto economy. Bitcoin has crashed a lot and we hope that it will be back on track soon
  14. I do believe that bitcoin will become very profitable. So many people are investing into bitcoin and that would increase the demand for bitcoin.
  15. I would recommend trust wallet because it allows you to keep the key and if you keep the key you have full control over your funds. Plus they have a dapp browser.