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  1. Hello, I think Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum are fast transactions of these coins, you can transact these fast, I have done Bitcoin Litecoin and Ethereum transaction, hope you understand
  2. Hello, I'm not happy with the ten minute reload, because my reload only gave 42 satoshi, so I don't reload
  3. Hello, I think the price of Bitcoin will rise, because Bitcoin is a very good currency, Bitcoin prices will rise very fast, the world is running epidemic now, so its price is down a bit, Bitcoin price will be 8k dollars when the pandemic ends.
  4. Hello, If Bitcoin emoji is used on Twitter, then I think very well, Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is good to give Bitcoin emoji on Twitter.
  5. Hello, Hey Bitcoin is possible to invest, there are many sites for Bitcoin investing, you can invest in Bitcoin, you can invest Bitcoin on Yobit.net
  6. Ajel


    Hello, I think dice will be 90% safe when you know about dice, dice on your strategy will be safe, the more you know the strategy the better you will be
  7. Hello, I think Bitcoin will not grow again this year, because the world is going through an epidemic this year, but if the epidemic ends, the price of Bitcoin will go up by the end of the year.
  8. Hello, I don't think anyone is stupid here, because no one knows about the rise and fall of Bitcoin, because it depends on the market, I hope you understand
  9. Hello, I do not gamble for a living, I play gambling as a game, but I earn by playing gambling, sometimes gambling I fulfill my hobbies, I hope you understand
  10. Hello, If you want to know why Bitcoin is so expensive, then hear that Bitcoin is a very expensive currency, because Bitcoin is a popular and safe currency, I like Bitcoin, I invest and gamble with Bitcoin.
  11. Hello, I think Bitcoin is not rated over, the price of Bitcoin does rise occasionally, because Bitcoin is a good currency, if you know anything about it then share.
  12. I think Stellar can never be better than Bitcoin, because Stellar is a currency sharing technology, Bitcoin stable and secure currency, I invest with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Steller is much better than this.
  13. When I invested, many sites were scams, I lost a lot of money, investing money in scam site could not get it back, but now I invest in checking sites, now I am not a scammer.
  14. I think Bitcoin is still ahead, because Bitcoin is the best currency, with Bitcoin you can invest and gamble, Bitcoin will be a good currency for you.thank you
  15. Hello, I gamble with Wagered, usually I play Dice and Mines and Wheel, when I get more Satoshi, I play auto bets with Wagered
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