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  1. Payday
    Ajel got a reaction from Anonminer in How strong is the Coinbase wallet?   
    I think Coinbase Wallet is a powerful wallet, it is a very security wallet, no one can hack this wallet, you will not share your Coinbase wallet information with anyone.
  2. Thanks
    Ajel got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Do you consider your gambling as livelihood?   
    Hello, I do not gamble for a living, I play gambling as a game, but I earn by playing gambling, sometimes gambling I fulfill my hobbies, I hope you understand
  3. Love
    Ajel reacted to Salsa in Which wallet can be best for us??   
    In my view,the coinbase wallet is best for a crypto user for store their currency...from the begining of my life in crypto world ,i like to use coinbase wallet because of some advantage..
    1) it's safe and enough secure
    2) easy to use and the convert system of currency pretty
    3)you will received much token if you to invite friend..
    4) the exchange system of coinbase enough easy and you can handle it without any danger..
  4. Love
    Ajel reacted to Salsa in Which country has the most bitcoin miners   
    We know that mining is a process to transaction the cryptocurrency..today i was curious which country do most mining..so After a research about bitcoin mining i came to know that china has the most bitcoin miners...they also has the most mining companies which mining rate around 60% of new bitcoin..its actually huge history..do you have any idea about china mining rate or something??
  5. Love
    Ajel got a reaction from automatic in We need healthy foods   
    Hello, now we need to eat nutritious food, now Corona is having a huge impact all over the world, now we need to cook all kinds of food well, which will be good for our health.
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