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  1. Hey @Cent21 Yes, there was a special email promotion as a part of our Stake birthday celebration. 🎁 Bonus from that promotion was automatically credited to your account. It was added directly to your balance, not sent via tip (that's why you do not see it in your tip log). You could notice that your balance was increased a bit. If that's all, I will lock the topic. Wish you best of luck! 🍀
  2. Marija

    Real Life Pictures

    Looks like Raveny doesn't trust my pic on Live support chat Well, you'll have to come here and find out is that really me! Let me be mysterious a bit! @Milan Can it be there? It's perfect for a wedding, it even has a nice view to a river 😍 And is that I love you heart for him too? Aww ❤️ Omg, those two love birds have scheduled everything, even booked the restaurant for the wedding, and still no invitation... @Milan is that a way to treat your colleagues? Shame on you!
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    Thank you very much stake.com

    I can't believe I saw this topic just now! Congratulations on the win, I'm so happy for you! This big hit came in the perfect time than! It's awesome to hear stories like this one, just another proof that great things happen to great people! 🍀
  7. Greetings Stakers! Prizes have been distributed, congratulations! 🍀🍀🍀
  8. Marija

    Luv the Stake

    @bmg Oh, it's so nice to hear this, thank you for those sweet words. 😍 All of the staff members appreciate it! We are lucky to be working for community like this one! Omg, can't believe what I'm reading! Faris! I'm shocked! ...you totally forgot to add our girl's chit-chat to the list!
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    I'm new here

    Hello @highstaker06 Welcome to the site and Forum, too! You can see tutorials for all of the games, you just have to click on '?' in the lower left part of the game and a pop up box with instructions will appear. Regarding the question about minimum deposit limits, there are none. You can deposit any amount you want, it's entirely up to you decide that. @GodLoft already posted the minimum amounts for withdrawals above (thanks Godloft ). You can check them on the site too, just click on the Withdrawal button. And the rest depends on your luck! If you have any additional question, click on More/Live support and we will be glad to help you! Have fun! 🍀
  13. I'm not sure that we have that option. l shall leave it open just in case someone else knows a way to hide specific topics, or in case we subsequently add that option so we could inform wryy about it.
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    Last letter game!!