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  1. Like I said, I missed 2 days daily reload lol. One time reload would be awesome..
  2. I'd withdraw 90% and run with the remaining.
  3. Well, If it's daily reload then better than 10 Mins reload but I still all at once bonus.
  4. Hello everyone, It's going to be 3rd month where we'll be getting monthly bonus as 10 minutes reload and personally I don't like Monthly bonus as 10 Minutes reload, I know that Stake does this to save some $$ which is good for them but not for us . I'd request Stake not to play with our monthly Bonus please as it kills all the excitement level whenever we heard 10 Minutes reload as Monthly Bonus. You know what I'm saying Dear Stake, please don't hate me for this, I'm a part of Stake family too so I thought to speak up my mind Who all agrees with me? Thank You!!
  5. Is it even a question? FIFA 20 all the way.
  6. I don't really like to play games on Console. Once I bought PS2 Slim, like 13-14 Years ago with 14-15 Original Discs and it's still boxed One day I may auction it I like Rocket League though which I play on PC.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm new here on Stake but I've been on NitrogenSports for 3-4 Years and had so many ups and downs. I'm a freak who hits 10-15 Leg parlays (only small) but when I seriously pick sharpies, I'll definitely lose one leg for sure. I've lost so many parlays which would give you heartbreak but I took them all as a motivation and one day I will definitely hit one of them big parlays. I want to share some of my slips from NitrogenSports but I don't know If I'm allowed to do that. PS: I'm loving Stake. Thanks @mosss for referring me here. Thanks! LK
  8. PUBG is better anyday, why? Because it looks real. Fortnite is for Kids. tbh