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  1. Bitcoin
    Tat40hk got a reaction from Elpiels in 🥇 [0.3 BTC] Diamond Rush ​💎   
    Get in!
    MINES: 21,571,996,717
    placed by Tat40hk on 04/05/2020
    0.00010000 Multiplier
    21.8942x Profit
    0.00208942 MINES: 21,578,681,765
    placed by Tat40hk on 04/05/2020
    0.00010000 Multiplier
    166.396x Profit
  2. Thanks
    Tat40hk got a reaction from Vandudgreat in 500$ Top 5   
    1win per person.
    Post your highest bet is enough.
  3. Payday
    Tat40hk reacted to Steve in $500 Race Bonus! Biggest bet wins!   
    Claim $100 bonus
  4. Thanks
    Tat40hk reacted to Bojana in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Fly Me to the Moon 🌕 | Plinko Challenge   
    Hello, everyone  
    ‼️IMPORTANT‼️ Increasing multiplier means that you need to get all three bets with higher multiplier than the previous one. For example: 1.5x, 3x, 10x, in order for your entry to be eligible for this challenge. Make sure to catch the new 3 consecutive wins if you have made the error in the initial posting, the multi cannot be increased only once, those will not be taken into the consideration, and there is still plenty of time left to correct this. 

    Good luck in catching this one! 🍀

  5. Haha
    Tat40hk reacted to Flan in [0.0021 BTC] Birthday!   
    I'm gonna do a special raffle for my precious day - today!
    The giveaway format still same as the last time I made, (minimal forum post 15+)
    The prize will be 100.000 sats for the last rolled!
    And the rest will win 10.000 sats (for 11 people)
    Just drop your username here.
    This giveaway will rolled 1 day after this thread created.
    Alt account will be disqualify and banned.
    Double posts entry will be disqualify for the next raffle.
    Good luck!
  6. Bitcoin
    Tat40hk got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Ping Pong Mania 🏓   

  7. Bitcoin
    Tat40hk reacted to Flan in 🎟️ [0.0032 BTC] Raffle! Only today!   
    Heya Stakers
    You just need to put your username here, I will do the raffle from your post numbers.
    Rules : 
     If I rolled a guy with under 15 forum posts, I will reroll it again. People with double entry will be disqualified. Prize? It was 0.0032 split for 16 people.
    Prize details : 
    15 people will get 18k sats (first rolling batch) One guy from after first rolling batch will get 50k sats. Good luck!
    Giveaway ends in 8 hours.
  8. Love
    Tat40hk got a reaction from Limbo in 🏆 [0.1BTC] Happy Easter | Slots Challenge 🐇   
    SLOTS: 20,313,794,837
    placed by Tat40hk on 14/04/2020
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    314x Profit
  9. Sad
    Tat40hk reacted to wyj1306 in Wrong wallet withdrawal, but that belongs to Stake   
    Hello friends, yesterday I had a problem here at the stake for a mistake of mine, I made a 200k bitcoin withdrawal for my wallet and this is the transaction below, but pay attention to this marked wallet
    A few hours after making this withdrawal, I deposited 197k again here at the Stake and until then everything was fine, and when I reached 255k I left 200k again for my Atomic wallet, but when I accessed it, I ended up copying the address that had sent me the withdrawal of satoshis previously, wallet in which the stake made the payment for me.
    It is the first time that I use the atomic wallet and, when I left where I copied my wallet, when I went back to the previous part of the transactions, I ended up accidentally clicking on one of the wallets of the transaction, I didn't realize I had copied it again, but it was the wallet where the stake made me the payment.

    With that I went to make the withdrawal and put that wrong address that belongs to Stake, but I just noticed that the withdrawal was wrong after noticing that the transaction delay was too long and after confirming it didn't fall in my wallet.

    After that I went to support to see if I could solve my problem, I explained the whole situation, but after some time researching it, they said that the wallet I made the withdrawal belonged to a player called Dubbaka, I tried to contact the player but he you haven't accessed your account for some time, and I didn't get any help to resolve this situation.

    I know that the mistake was all mine for lack of attention, but I could at least have had a little more help so that I can recover this balance, then a player who doesn't even access the site will keep my money locked in his account, it will really be impossible to recover, and I have already proved that the satoshis really belong to me, the site used the wallet to pay me so they have access to it, I know it is not a lot of money but it is of great help.
    Thank you all and sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Love
    Tat40hk reacted to powerup1 in [FINISHED] Impossible to Possible | Super Mines Hunt ​💣​   
    MINES: 20,243,011,128
    placed by powerup1 on 13/04/2020
    0.00000001 Multiplier
    52598.7x Profit

  11. Love
    Tat40hk got a reaction from taytots in Which is better: SLOTS or KENO?   
    Slot is more fun when getting free spins=)
  12. Love
    Tat40hk got a reaction from mariairene11158 in Do you think stake is a big help for us during quarantine period?   
    Stake is good when nothing to do.
    Congratulations winning money in stake=). But don't lost control on gamble.Buy the things that u need first.
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