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  1. book2

    Dice Trolling?

    its seed bro you just unlucky
  2. killing me hahahaha crazy mems
  3. book2

    Dice game is risky

    i like dice game because its for streaks but so much risky game because same time u will fall in big streaks reds you can't imagine one day i lost 0.3 btc on x2 i start with 100 satoshi i hit 23 reds in row with double amount allways so i hit 23 reds in low side and after i change side and hit 9 reds in hight side all this is streaks reds this so much risky so i hope every one here becarful with this dice game
  4. you spend much time for small vip you can use dice for more wagger 100$ every day with 50% win 50% loose
  5. its amazing site and new season and wunderful team devlopers i hope they doing more options thank you
  6. me too that happend to me but on dice game with max bet my heart was stop in 2sec
  7. if i win it i will go more strong strategy for profit every day 150$ or 100$ so u will aks me how i say 100$ in morning and 100$ in evening total profit per day 200$ so 200$ x 30 days is 6000 usd so this how double 7k to 15$
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