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  1. algy

    Re-adding Profit stats?

    I really want to be able to know the losses and profits that I make, but stake doesn't seem to want to tell
  2. I always fail and it is very difficult to be able to get hit at 1000x when playing plinko and I often see people do it very easily.
  3. I have not actively read the rules, and I have obeyed the rules and I will not break them.
  4. finally I can know your faces more clearly, what I want to know next is where the office of stake is located.
  5. algy is my real name and i didn't change it, it's a nickname too. I feel this is a good name and I should be proud and not be ashamed, it's unique.
  6. You just have to place a bet on the player and banker's part that's all and you can get a big wagered.
  7. welcome, i don't understand the language you use.
  8. algy

    Hey Guys

    Welcome, I hope you get the profit you are looking for and want.
  9. algy

    Hi guys!

    You have to try all the games and also with a large balance to get profit.
  10. I agree, I really want it to be added so that it is easy when playing and can be hit on the payout that we have set. But it seems like it is very difficult to do because the cards are always changing.
  11. very lucky to be hit with a big payout, I always fail because when playing using the manual is very boring for me.
  12. badminton is a sport that I like because it is fun and easy to play.
  13. hello I have also been active in cryptotalk and I myself have been inactive not because they do not pay my country but rather more spam in the discussion so I prefer to be active here.
  14. I think it's very necessary because playing video poker without using auto is very boring when doing it manually.
  15. I do both I sometimes just want to have fun by continuing to press the roll button and that can make me very happy despite the loss.