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  1. There is nothing that does not possess its own rules and basic principles. I do not see anyone who can control Bitcoin or expect its path. That depends on connecting more than one side with each other. I think it is designed to be so
  2. A lot of transactions are being handled in the trading process. Exploration is a very competitive process and increased congestion on the network may impose this
  3. Tom mloi

    Bitcoin ATMs

    This happens when all countries allow cryptocurrency trading, as there are still some countries that refuse to trade Bitcoin. I think that in the coming years the number of automated exchange machines will increase with the increase in currency trading
  4. At the present time, many countries reject Bitcoin, and in turn there are countries that strongly support it. I see that Bitcoin in the coming days will become a basic currency in the world of currencies, and it depends on that on the fundamentals it provides with training and remains conservative on its quality.
  5. The principle of demand and supply I find greatly influences its price. Bitcoin price may reach 30 thousand dollars, but it is very volatile now and we cannot give for this to happen a high possibility
  6. In my view, I see that the ascending wave continues Bitcoin will rise until it reaches the state of stability, trading records are record in the past twenty-four hours compared to what it was recently
  7. My friend, I think that Bitcoin is currently going to remain in the shadow of the height condition that we currently see, but it will inevitably reach a stage where it stops rising. I see that bitcoin in its early years will rise until it reaches the steady state
  8. Regardless of the fact that the price of Bitcoin is fluctuating, Bitcoin is the main currency for cryptocurrencies, so it is very natural to have a noticeable popularity in addition to the Bitcoin features that make you desperately want to get it and do not forget its significant impact on the other currency market.
  9. There are a lot of forums that provide you with cryptocurrencies according to the way to get them, such as gambling, for example, but beware of some fraudulent sites such as Bitcoin faucets that I tried and did not benefit from.
  10. Yes, Bitcoin is high today and it may rise more in the coming days. We have to be careful in dealing with it. The drop in the US dollar has had an impact on that. I think they considered Bitcoin as a protection for their money.