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  1. Good Idea, love all kinds of music
  2. Craps at a physical casino. Crazy good atmosphere especially on a long run
  3. Only way I see it, is a large bet and get extremely lucky 1000X plus then Stop. Gamble no more. Gambling is an addiction, with people saying, "just one more time". Just look at Eddie's stream. He bets relatively large. How many times does he walk away with crazy money, in the end? Loses his shirt most of the time. Think of hitting the big time similiar to the winning lottery numbers 1 in XXX million. Best of luck
  4. @msteknoadam wow, you must of had above average luck. good on you. I have been moving very slowly from bronze to silver. dropped 1 eth the other day and barely moved the needle.
  5. I always get mixed up with a 12 or 13 vs a 2 or 3. Very close percentage either way
  6. Hi Johnny, Enjoy your time on Stake!
  7. Freddyzone7


    Enjoy your time at Stake, and welcome