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  1. My biggest regret was not travel and see the world more before I settled down. It is great to be mature and responsible but living a care free life without many responsibilities was great for me for a short while. Looking back another year or two would have been great, unfortunately not enough funds or money was available so the grind of work took hold. Grow up they said, in some ways I will never.
  2. Here is a weird one last night, Started with 2 couples that included myself, in the forest at dark. All four of us were in stuck in a small pond of cement, not quick sand but quick drying cement. 3 of us were calm but one of the girls was freaking out and screaming. All the noise attracted local farmers. They were in some trance or under a spell. None of them could talk, as their tongues were recently cut out. Blood all over face and clothes. They tossed a rope to the screamer first. Attached to a back of a tractor. Tractor was like a drag racer and took off so fast it ripped her arm off, leaving the rest of her body still in the cement. The farmers left us and went away walking through a corn field. After this it’s a little fuzzy. – Vultures circling overhead and lots of singing of happy campfire songs. - Do I need to seek help. 🤣
  3. If I had a time machine I would got back for that girl, even though her dad (mullet and no teeth) threatened to kill me with a loaded gun.
  4. To be able to mind read. But unable to Read. One side effects to this: The Nigerian Prince, who was going to give you a life changing amount of money when you helped him transfer it out of the country, was actually legit because you read his mind. But because you couldn't read the transfer details of the email that was time sensitive and missed out. A Politicians worst nightmare My superpower would have my thoughts to control every Politician in the world. If they say or do stupid things, have these things done to him/her. – Fart, crazy words (similar to Tourettes), run around like a chicken, stick tongue out, shock control, etc. This would add extra entertainment (Trump)