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  1. small alt coin energi. I have been invested for 1/2 year or so. Lately migrated to Gen 3 coin. Currently no deposits to exchanges for a while, so less selling pressure, so up she goes. Take a look. Masternode rewards are also yummy. CMC around 58
  2. Slow and steady would be welcome. Crazy swings in price scare people away from Bitcoin and crypto. I have many friends that would like to participate in bitcoin but hesitate to buy.
  3. Wow, that is very generous. She will easily justify this with the increase in activity during this pandemic 🤑
  4. Nothing too expensive. 57 chevy and 66 Mustang would be grand
  5. Coinbase is my go to wallet. Dont use Coinbase though, too expensive. All the big cryptos. I have tried coinomi wallet but chose to stick to the big ones.
  6. Btc for sure, first in, best dressed for sure. Every other altcoin is paired with it. I like a few alt coins including NRG, but the only way I want to trade it is with btc or eth. Demand for BTC will there for a very long time.
  7. I like HiLo and Dice. Good fun. Love to see craps make its way to Stake
  8. I prefer sports betting, but lately I have been spending my time with casino betting until there is live sports going again. I think you have to very lucky at casino betting to win big and if you stay for long term you will give it all back. Sports has a little more skill involved. I am not interested in Esports. I would rather bet on special bets that fall under sports. Oscar betting was fun. Hope to see more of these type of offerings in the future. Only US elections there now - too far into the future for most gamblers.
  9. Good game, Better luck for the small to medium betting players if some heavy's are playing. At least that is what I find. Like a pooled winning margin for the house.
  10. Tend to bet very low until I see 2 or 3 very low numbers in a row, not caring that I win or lose . Then take to 2X or more with 20-50X original bet. Win or lose repeat. So far works not too bad. If successful with a good run, get out of this game and try something else. Come back later.
  11. All online gambling sites have seen increased traffic lately in these stay in times. I try and limit myself to only a couple of hours a day but it is very easy to let it overcome your life.
  12. Trying to claw back a large loss is a tough one. Need to step away and not go too crazy (many times your typical bet) when you return, thinking that you are due or owed. If so you are setting yourself up for a potential extra large loss. I always get caught out on this in Vegas, as alcohol clouds my judgement.
  13. Maybe this question should be added to the special section of sports betting? Us presidential elections is the only thing there.
  14. I like Energi NRG. The treasury is self funded, even more than Dash. This will keep things going on the development side. They pay generous stake and masternode rewards without much investment. Not a pump and not affiliated with them in any way. Just what I have looking into over the last year. Do your research, as there are so many shit coins.
  15. Have a bonus reload that's variable or with a twist. Not based on level or amount played, or at least they put out a reasonable amount in the past. Dont aways shoot for the platinums. Make it interesting that one lucky person or a few lucky people get a substantial reward, every 30 minutes. The rest still get something. Keep them coming back, and the average hour played will increase. What percent of the last reload came back into Stakes coffers. 99.9 % ?
  16. Had good luck with 4 consecutive numbers on the wheel, until you hit then pick another 4, and so on.
  17. Greetings, My wife and I have trying to make the most of our time together. Baking and cooking up a storm, a passion of mine that often does not get enough of my free time. chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, and flatbread pizza on the list today. Good time for garden and yard work. To get a little fresh air is great, as we are not close to our neighbors. Enjoy your love ones. If they are not with you, contact them by phone, etc. Stay safe.
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