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  1. I am confused, there is insurance in blackjack. I play on it for some years and I didn't notice this. Ok, it exists, why do you want to buy it? You want to lose double money in some clicks. I advise you to buy real insurance for your life because, with this pandemic, it is very hard to predict something. I was helped by Life Insurance Help Desk https://lifeinsurancehelpdesk.com when I selected insurance for me. They have a lot of good offers and it is convenient for your wallet. I paid a small amount each month but I know that I am safe.
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    One of my favorite mobile games is the 8 ball pool. I love to play ball pool since I was a child and this is my passion and my relax. However, the problems of this game are coins, it all the time isn't enough for entry in some tournaments or to buy new cue sticks or other tools and I am that kind of person who doesn`t want to put money in the game. Now for this problem exist a good mod from https://www.jrpsc.org/8-ball-pool-mod-apk/, with a lot of coins and free entry everywhere. I am the best player in this game and I can beat everyone. Let's play a game if you want.
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    All positions are good in their own way!