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  1. Hello colleagues, I am new here, and I started this work recently. My goal is to get to Bitcoin, what do you think, how to get it, and how much time it costs me, please help me
  2. I do not think that this time the prediction will happen because the cryptocurrencies are designed in a way that avoids mistakes of previous times, but now it is difficult to determine it accurately
  3. Senior analysts and big investors cannot yet determine the Bitcoin track. I call it the currency. The mystery. You do not have to believe everything you read. There are many rumors and analyzes of its path on my part. I will wait for the end of this year.
  4. Actually, I am new, just like you, but I think you should review your account. There may be mistakes in some step of the transfer. Please get the benefit from one of my good colleagues here.
  5. I think that this will hinder India from participating in the new use cases offered by cryptocurrencies. This may negatively affect its economy, as some investors will lose a lot that they are proposing to create their own currency. I do not support this idea a lot for them to organize their affairs and study the matter better.
  6. I haven't tried it before now. I think what I heard from my friends is that it is very safe and has nice features. I think it does not have much difference from the Blockchain wallet. It also has great features.
  7. My friend, I thank you for this information, but I have not seen an example of that until now. I hope that my friends who need it will benefit from it.
  8. I think that the wallet at the beginning of use maintains a set of your data. I see that it treats every individual in a department on its own, it does not link anything else from the data, as if it were creating your own protocol to access it even in the absence of the Internet. This is my point of view.
  9. I see that anonymous currencies are very distinctive when dealing with them. I think XMR / USD is the most traded currency, it is more protected than others, but it is sometimes uncomfortable.
  10. My blockchain wallet is very safe and very well known. It allows exchange of currencies. It also allows trading of all types of famous currencies.
  11. Dena Topik

    Bitcoin ATMs

    It is possible to find solutions to this problem, but some other countries must allow the trading of cryptocurrencies. This may be one of the solutions that have a significant impact.
  12. It is affected by many aspects so that I cannot expect its path, but I think that it will rise in the coming years, and if there are supportive reasons for it, it may reach thirty thousand dollars.
  13. In this market, many expect that its price will always be in turmoil, as it is either high or low, but I see that it is heading for a good path, although we cannot expect that to happen.
  14. It is an interconnected currency and does not have a stable basis until it becomes the primary currency of a country. It is affected by many things. Really, it is impressive. I see that it has become a basic currency of a country, and that has many responsibilities.
  15. Bitcoin or we can say cryptocurrencies have been designed with certain basic rules, but in order to avoid previous mistakes of currencies in the markets, it is difficult to predict the path of Bitcoin, but you will know the handling of this currency gradually.