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  1. I think the nxt update is how we will always win hehehe
  2. I think its better to secured our funds...
  3. I alwaya busted in dice i dont know y mybe dice is not my lucky game ill try another game to find luck
  4. My no. Of deposite is more than i widraw hahaha its about 1/3 of my deposite
  5. I reach my bonze after 1 month the silver fakes 3 months..
  6. Chewel

    Let's talk :)

    Stake is a nice gambling site but mix emotion i feel everytim i play here sometimes i feel to much happy sometime i fee to much angry hahaha but fir me thats the nice expirience
  7. My user name is chewel its mix name of mine and my xhusband Che is from original Rochelle wel is from his name rowel I always use it name to any of my apps as trade..for me that's the best user name I ever had even if he left me😭😭😭
  8. i wouldbe happy if 10minutes reload again..its help us and also we help to stay at home because where just busy for claiming i love it