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  1. Telegram channel for existing members of this forum is gonna be well appreciated because so many here don’t even know what is going on but with telegram stake can be able to communicate with everyone
  2. I really hope so too, i mean stake have been doing a very good job lately and we say a very big thank you
  3. I feel it shouldn’t end now because basically i haven’t earned from it and i was actually looking forward to but it’s that not my portion then fine
  4. Real life casino, I don’t really know how it feels and what it feels like but i think I playing casinos online is better , even if you loose you wouldn’t feel the pain as much as real life
  5. I think the 10 minutes reward is quite okay, because it can be very useful to you and most importantly you are not even working for it
  6. I totally can’t rely on the price of bitcoin lately because it has been fluctuating so much, but i hope in the next two months it should reach 20k USD or even more
  7. Price of bitcoin might likely fall in this 2020 because alot of even have happened so far, Business transactions are down because the covid19 and it’s affect the Global economy so much
  8. Lately we all have been experiencing fluctuations on the price of bitcoin there I don’t find it surprising, the price could continue to get high and at the same time could become low
  9. Bitcoin is way too better than libra in so many ways I don’t actually know much about libra but bitcoin is got more tight security than libra and it is way too simple
  10. My main strategy on bitcoin is , i wanna have alot of bitcoin and trade it. I think that’s probably the best way to earn
  11. Well i think you should exercise patience because I believe stake are very way more unique than any platform and gonna make new games available
  12. I’d also love to know about the touch, because i wanna win alot here. Any volunteers please??
  13. Gambling on real casino isn’t bad but it can be addictive, so I don’t think it’s a good idea because it can make you go poor totally and when you are lucky it’s gonna make you rich in an instance.
  14. I haven’t played with so many platforms actually but i so much find limbo and dice to be the best casino game
  15. I really think the best pattern you can do is to have total control of the and by also having faith in what you play
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