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  1. That's a good news for the people from that region and a upper hands for those that are engaged in the crypto business.
  2. Hello welcome to the stake forum goodluck and obey the rules
  3. Hello new guy You're welcome to the stake forum I wish you good luck and make sure you follow the rules and regulations here thank you.
  4. Hello friends anytime is good for trading except if you're not lucky enough.
  5. There is no any cryptocurrency that is better or valuable than bitcoin
  6. The year has ended yet there is time so it's possible it will raise to 12 to 13k
  7. It's possible and it's not because of this virus now it has slow down so many things In progress but nothing is impossible.
  8. Sunskid01

    Hello All!

    Hello from the other side nice to meet you and welcome to the stake forum
  9. Hello friend once your money have enter the wrong hands Don't think of getting it back it's gone already. You can't get it back
  10. Yes of course Bitcoin is still ahead of any other cryptocurrency.
  11. There are so many exchange like this type that accept different payment method well that's good it makes payment much easier the world is advancing.
  12. Hello guys, As of this 2020 there are over 18 million Bitcoin in existence but not all of them are usable because some are stolen and over 2 to 3 million are lost but there is no exact answer to it now.
  13. Hello welcome to the forum, all you have to do is make good and quality post no spamming or copy and paste it's all forbidden read the rules carefully good luck friend
  14. Good post well the world richest bitcoin owners are, satoshi nakamota himself, roger ver, Charlie shrem and the others this men are the btc rich but everybody can become a bitcoin holder no matter how small it is.
  15. I like this discussion , yes hackers are everywhere, one should just use a trusted and strong wallet to protect his cryptocurrency from this hackers.