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  1. stream was awesome. was really fun and interactive. was great to meet all of you in that way it was different. A+
  2. i currently have none, only a few hits but no registrations. i dont know of a good place i could post my link and i dont know how to setup a signature very well
  3. 25 is a longshot in my opinion. but as phan said i think 21-22k range is totally gonna happen. but it is starting to settle down
  4. the reviews do say if you look on the last page, that it is payout but it took 4 days. and the original post was created in April. i actually remember that scratch card problem happening to me a few times. that is fixed and it is much better. only thing im unsure of is if you can actually hit the slots jackpot because its usually in the 1 mil satoshi range.
  5. yea only 120k left to go haha gonna take a good minute probably. i wish the minimum was lower. the leader board is crazy some of those people i dont see how they do it
  6. thank you very much, it answered my question i didnt see it when i had gone over it. locking thread now. #danisbest
  7. so i have 13k and i noticed i dont have to option to send it to another user on forum. just curious as to why this is. means im unable to join the forum lottos and things. is there a minimum for that too? thanks in advance.
  8. ive actually been using the app for a very long time, but i stopped and recently im back at it again. so far im up to 130k really hoping to hit big on a scratcher! and to add the mpbile app also has slots too
  9. no kidding, i love when youre betting 20k on high going for x620 and only 1 does that and it hits the x620 but gives you .2. then you hit up support about it and they say that the bet is verified its a bug in "my" browser. no refund. well i guess every single person in stake has a bugged shitty browser? of course its not the devs that did something wrong. silly us...
  10. not a bad idea, that would be fun, have it multiplayer aswell. i like bingo. but i highly doubt stake would implement bingo of all games. looks to me like they want lame card games...
  11. dang 0.01 why would you do that. the site too obvious its another one of thoes scam bs sites. sorry man. i was gonna do the same but site was too new to trust
  12. i prefer dice on manual, ever time i even attempt auto it makes me wanna scream rigged.. i like manual x19 payout switching sides everytime it hits
  13. good point, and that is true, but its unique for every person and always will be. so this strat may work for a few of us and just fail for others or vice versa, along with any other strat. but starts dont need to change every time.