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  1. i currently have none, only a few hits but no registrations. i dont know of a good place i could post my link and i dont know how to setup a signature very well
  2. not a bad idea, that would be fun, have it multiplayer aswell. i like bingo. but i highly doubt stake would implement bingo of all games. looks to me like they want lame card games...
  3. awesome thanks so much, ive played on csgofast with skins before too i forgot about the sportbet there. much appreciatef what do you mean simulators?
  4. honestly i could care less about watching the game, not too big into watching sports really, unless its soccer i could watch that all day but i just wanna be able to make my bet and get my win lol so i looked at that site and i see its asian based. im from usa i dont think that my currency is supported
  5. hmm okay ill remember that tennis thing. etude says ping pong games are super fast aswell thanks ill give it a look!
  6. Hi all, so ive never done sports betting before but i know a lot of poeple that seem to make good money from it. whats the best sport to bet on, and how does the payout work? is it just double your bet if you win?how much is the minnimum bet per game? id also appreciate it if you could point me towards a good site to do so. thanks in adavnce!
  7. mine is "you cant win if you dont play" or "with big risk comes big reward"
  8. Lmfao way far from a ripoff. Its touchscreen too. Just s lil i7 with geforce gtx 960M has no problems with games at all
  9. Yea i bought my gaming laptop there. $777 paid in btc i was so happy
  10. Yes. But not every item. Mainly the ones that are shipped out by newegg. There are others but like i said most are the ones shipped by newegf. Kinda sucks because some items i wanted very badly didnt let me pay that way.
  11. First thing i always do is click over to newegg and buy stuff i want lol. Sometimes ill put it on my bitpay card in case i need something that only takes cash lol
  12. Whats trading? But scratch and wins is an okay idea. But i dont think they would ever have that here lol
  13. This casino would ve so awesone if it had slots!!! A lot of people i thibk would agree. Slots has always been my favoritr. Makes me sad stake didnt have.