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  1. Kiziah is my account but my forum acc got banned.
  2. Nice idea, i like it. I hope it get approved so everyone is happy.
  3. Thats alot of money congrats sean, i wish i can hit like that.
  4. I agree they thought if they win big they are above in everyone. Attitude comes first.
  5. I wish 10 minutes reload or 1 hour. So i can enjoy every minutes or every hour.
  6. Yeah because some people dont take quarantine seriously then when they get affected by the virus. They will blame the government, thats why the number of people that been affected by the virus is dramatically increased due to people that keep staying outside and didnt take it seriously. Stay safe to all of us
  7. If i have money i will travel the world but the world is cruel so its not gonna happen to me.
  8. The deduction is so huge, its like 10% of your money. For me it's not worth it, I know business is business stake needs to get profit too but it is too big for me. So my answer is Not worth it. Its like losing without even playing.
  9. Good luck felis, advance happy birthday.
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