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  1. Do your actions align with your true desire? Ofcourse, i have already set up the plan how i can achieve my desire.. I also discussed with my family.. So i am going Ahead step by step to achieve so.. If i get any force to align my action then i have alternative step too.. If you break your align to achieve YOUR desire then you never be able to success.. So everything should be in a action planning.. What is the possibility for their realization? I am doing hard struggle to achieve my desire.. Now everything depend on god.. If you do hard struggle then soone
  2. If you want to invest your this huge amount of money to get some profit then i suggest you to check your local market and from there find out those thing that is demand able much but the supply is so short..if you use your money to supply those thing then without any doubt you will be able to earn huge profit.. So now its your duty that what kind of thing demand is high in YOUR local market..
  3. Limbo

    Discord removal

    The one thing about discord channel i will miss it every week discord challenge in forum.. Those challenges really touch my heart because in those challenges you can find out funny moment, sad moments , deep moment..infect it was a great opportunity for us to hear About every one life.. Especially the support team has much contribution on those challenges as they thought deeply from their heart to make a especial challenge for us.. But now we will have no challenge by which we can share our feeling , especial moment, embarrassing story, drawing support team member pictu
  4. Let me tell which team will win πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Quarter finals: Manchester city will win vs LYON Bayern will lose but barcalona will won Atletico Madrid wins vs leizpzig PSG will wins vs atlanta Semi Finals Bercenlona will win vs Man city Psg win vs Atletico madrid Final Bercelona wins vs PSG
  5. limbo20 No limit cityπŸ˜‹
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