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    Limbo reacted to Seoulmate in [0.0045 BTC] ReDeSigN | Discord Challenge   
    Its great to have a competition that asks for some visual thinking and creativity.
    However there is an issue with the language used in the specification.
    I think you may get a higher response to this if you can clarify a few things.
    > I suggest you change the term "layout" to "new concept and visual design".
        The term layout refers simply to the process of positioning visual elements on a page, I think you are asking for something more creative than just layout.

    >Can entrants use a computer and software to produce a submission?

    >When you say "layout for stake" are you referring to the stake.com landing page?

    > I would strongly suggest you give some criteria for the evaluation of submissions. The clearer this is the more submissions you will receive.
    for example: 
    Concept 30% Visual design 30% Originality 20% Written explanation 20%

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    Limbo reacted to illibes in [0.0045 BTC] ReDeSigN | Discord Challenge   
    Yeah, I've got the same question!)
    About piece of paper is that direct or figurative?)
    Will post my art here)

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    Limbo reacted to Baqee in [0.0045 BTC] ReDeSigN | Discord Challenge   
    This will be hard for a lot of people who can't draw, like me, maybe it should be about contributing ideas that will help the forum or something aside drawing?
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    Limbo reacted to Karim in [0.0045 BTC] ReDeSigN | Discord Challenge   
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    Limbo reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in Casino Strategy   
    The key thing is patience and knowing when to stop. If you just go on betting forever, you will eventually lose. If you're lucky enough and get a good hit, stop there and relax. Greed will make you bite the dust only. Try with the wager/profit strats available in the forum and if you win money, stop and come back later. Remember the stake tagline - Play smarter
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    Limbo reacted to mariairene11158 in Casino Strategy   
    Guys,eversince I was started playing in stake I think I still lose high more than profit in gambling.Is there any technique in playing?Or any tips that can help me..please..
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    Limbo reacted to cukup2 in three seeds and three wins   
    I once in 1 seed found a payout above x1000 less than 200 rolls when I was only looking for payouts x33 and 100 when entering a roll above 100 I found a payout of 10k then 5k and most recently I found a 750k payout and it surprised me because I I'm looking for payout x33
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    Limbo reacted to Kariuki in My whole day on Stake casino   
    One day I woke up, and I dint know how to spend the whole day on a casino I dont know how it works, the previous tries were all fails, and I had lost everything, so this time I felt I needed some revenge, so I woke up, and decided to throw in some few dollars, about 4$ and so started on bitcoin, it was a strategy I had kept studying on dice, so over and over , I would keep on making some progress, and the whole day I kept on watching, my brother now was interested, what was this I kept on looking at the whole day, it really interested him a lot, so was my friend, thy joined me, and before I knew we were about 10 of us watching as the dice do its thing.
    I decided to stop at around 5 in the Afternoon and I dint realize time had gone that fast, so looking at my balance, now I was at 9$ , that shock me to the core, how did that happen, you mean I doubled my deposit? so I just was able to to double the money in a day and it was something very very interesting, almost got me going on dice, but I wanted to call it a day and leave, but it was difficult I had to go back ,but this time I had to deposit some ripple and see, problem is , I changed my strategy and in just under 30 minutes , my ripple deposit was gone, all on me.
    So that was a day I spent entirely on Stake casino. thank you.
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    Limbo reacted to Ali saher in My whole day on Stake casino   
    I think gambling for fun and fun for just small time it you play whole day just gambling then your roteen and health must affect.i not play so much gambling just when I have good balance then play few minutes one time .
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    Limbo reacted to Irungu in My whole day on Stake casino   
    I also think you should not take gambling that long it can take you down, for a whole day you gambled? wow thats a new one , guess lock down got you doing stuff you have never imagined , but its you thats what you wanted and thats what you enjoyed that day , dont worry about the lose, you doubled at first right? then dont cry about the loss
  13. Ethereum
    Limbo reacted to Jovan in [0.0045 BTC] ReDeSigN | Discord Challenge   
    It's time for Redesign! 

    Hello and welcome to another Discord challenge!  😊
    You know how every week some support member makes new topic about specific subject, then you write on Discord and get some BTC as a prize for that and so on? Well, I am not a fan of routine! Why shouldn't we try something different this time, I am going to kindly ask you to show your creativity in another way? I would like you to draw, and post it on Discord, how would you like to see Stake, I want you to draw new Stake layout, and use a few sentences to describe it a little better. 
    Only quality drawings and descriptions will be taken into consideration, and by quality I do not mean that your drawing should be ready for a gallery exhibition; I mean you need to spend some time on thinking, making an idea and transferring all of that on a piece of paper.
    Prize Pool:
    Will be distributed equally among all users who really spend some time on this.  Make sure to post your entry on Discord, and add a screenshot of it on this topic!
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    Limbo reacted to Effy in Share your wagered trick guys   
    personally i go for a 1.7x as if you lose then its 2 wins to be up and i dont do huge bets the problem with the really low one (1.02X) like said b4 if you hit it early and have big bets then you will bust faster than you think.

    i like mines aswell for wager 3 mines and just go for anything from 1-4 4 would be a 1.71x safer dont fall for the oh one more square that i did when i first joined

    gl i dont know if my reply is any use to you or anyone else but this is just my strat 
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    Limbo reacted to Aiza824 in missed 1000x three times.   
    Yes and I don't trust how the balls bounce on a certain side anymore. The balls are just simply controlled by RNG and not by any means of magical free falling body (the result is already calculated even before the balls drop at the bottom).
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    Limbo reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in What coins do people usually use in anonymous transactions?   
    Bitcoin is not really an anonymous coin as you can view the address, balances, transactions on the public blockchain. However Zcash, Dash, Monero are much suitable in anonymous transactions. There are arguments about which is the best but I think they all share an equal part.
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    Limbo reacted to Mahdirakib87 in How the reload treated you so far?   
    The Easter reload just finished yesterday. It was a ten minutes reload and I was getting too low amount from it. That's why I have claimed it only two times and haven't made anything great by it. 
    How you ended with this time reload, any good run from it? Have you claimed it most often?
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    Limbo reacted to Seoulmate in Any dice strategy for low bankroll?   
    Bet 1 sat at 1.98x, when you see a long red train double your bet until you see a green train, then go back to basebet 1 sat.
  19. Bitcoin
    Limbo reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in My Mines strategy   
    I play mines nowadays with this strategy and so far I'm not busted. You guys can also try this. Make sure you have an adequate amount before you bet big but it really depends on your base bet. You can also play this with 2 sats base bet. 😁
    Okay, so it goes like this:
    Number of mines: 8
    Select tiles: 5
    This will result in a 8.5x winnings if you win the bet.
    Bet with the minimum base bet 7 times. For example, with 500 sats per bet, 7 bets will eat up 3500 sats. While if you win any one, your profit would be 7.5*500 = 3750 sats which still is some profit even if you win the 7th bet. The sooner you hit, the more profit. You can customize your bet.
    If you lose 7 bets, double your bet and play for another 3 plays. So it takes 3500 + 1000*3 = 6500 sats while the 4th bet win will yield a 7500 profit, net profit of 1000 sats.
    If you lose all 10 bets, double the bet again and play 4 times. So 6500 + 4 * 2000 = 14500 and the last bet profit is 2000 * 7.5 = 15000, net profit of 500 sats.
    If you lose this series of bets, double again and play for 3 times.
    If lost again, double and play for 4 times again. Maintain this 3 play double, 4 play double betting session. 
    Eventually you'll end up in profit. As said, the sooner you win, the more profit you have.
    You can always customize your base bet. And try different 5 tile selections. It can be a row, a column, a cross, a plus sign, anything. Autobet and manual doesn't really matter.
    Good luck playing on Stake. 
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    Limbo reacted to Mahdirakib87 in The Better Crypto Wallet (Your opinion)   
    I'm still using conibase wallet. Cause blockchain have only few coins. So I need to use coinbase for other currencies. Though I know that my account may get locked. I think I should move on now. Will give it a try to trust wallet.
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    Limbo reacted to Mahdirakib87 in Instant results.   
    I like to play dice and want to win huge within short time by it. So I can say I drama about it but can't say will it come true or not. At some other games there are huge payout which will be better to make big win and rich instantly. Like crash, mines
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    Limbo reacted to reebox in What coins you hold ?   
    I have been very confused for a few days because bitcoin will be halving soon and I really want to buy it in quite a lot because the price hasn't gone up, but I also want to buy another coin.
    can you tell me what coins are good to hold besides bitcoin and what coins you currently hold ?
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    Limbo reacted to sahil777 in How much numbers good on high risk.   
    you can chose any pattern you want its all random you only need a luck, but play with 7 or 8 numbers, 9 and 10 are useless, it can take thousands of rolls to give you any nice hit, but with 7 or 8 tiles its pretty great in payouts also outcome is fast.
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    Limbo reacted to cryptofly in Which tokens should I invest in this 2020?   
    Hard to answer. Minutes ago I took a look over the Digibyte trading chart and let me tell you that that coin has been doing a moon run so bad that everybody feels #FOMO right now.  That is what we should avoid, to feel that #FOMO by doing #DYOR; and this is very important, this part of the investment, the "searching", should be done only by you and no from someone else.  This year, 2020, I am HODLING two coins (I do hodl BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, NEO as basics), those two coins are $ALGO from Algorand and $SNTVT form Sentivate.  Those projects from my point of view are carrying a high potential and the developer team works like few teams.  To me, those are the ones I am going to keep for the next months.  Good luck. 
  25. Ethereum
    Limbo reacted to Bimfo in Which coin is better than Bitcoin?   
    Bitcoin is the King of them all. Bitcoin is the best and the most used and I don't think it will lose its value anytime soon. If BTC loses value, trust me, 90% of altcoins is in the red and drop zone. BTC affects everything in the crypto World. Go and check history of charts. Anytime there is dip in BTC, other coin follows, and there is nothing anyone wants to do about it
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