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  1. I think the value of 10000 sat was 3.7$ at the time, so the win was around 5500$
  2. Hello, recently I had 5 scatters rolled in and today I hit the second biggest multiplier on one line, shame it wasn’t during bonus spins Next stop 5 wilds line good luck!
  3. Hello, I’m trying to chase big wins on one line, 600x the most, but this rolled in on a decent stake :) Good luck!
  4. Finally, after a few thousands of spins on 1 line. I'm trying to hunt for big wins, but nothing worth mentioning than this.
  5. Hi, I play 3 lines, give it 300 spins and see, if things are not going good I head over dice to recover and do another round, until I'm bored or hit a big win. Even though in the end if I'd played just dice I would have been better off, because on the end of the session I will either have almost the same amount as I would have played just dice or get busted But it's all about the fun and hitting the big win, in my case 400x in one spin
  6. Hi, I tried one line, searching for a big win, but it didn't happen, I usually play 3 lines, and getting 200x + happened a multiple times still waiting for 10 000 hit
  7. Francessko

    Reload bonus

    So after a few days toying with the reload and always ending up loosing everything (getting up to 125000 sat from the reloaded 3700) I'd decided to just try luck, set high pay out and try every 10 min, after a few loses this happened Good luck!
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