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  1. Username: Francessko Good luck!
  2. Username: Francessko Good luck!
  3. User name: Francessko Good luck!!
  4. User name: Francessko Good luck!
  5. Suggested name: Scarab riches
  6. User name: Francessko Good luck!!
  7. User name: Francessko Good luck!
  8. Hello, welcome and have fun!
  9. Hello and welcome, I think I have to visit and explore mines again, I didn't know you can actually get such crazy pay outs
  10. Francessko

    Hey all

    Anothet member of the team, welcome!
  11. Hi, I play 3 lines, give it 300 spins and see, if things are not going good I head over dice to recover and do another round, until I'm bored or hit a big win. Even though in the end if I'd played just dice I would have been better off, because on the end of the session I will either have almost the same amount as I would have played just dice or get busted But it's all about the fun and hitting the big win, in my case 400x in one spin
  12. Hi, I tried one line, searching for a big win, but it didn't happen, I usually play 3 lines, and getting 200x + happened a multiple times still waiting for 10 000 hit
  13. Welcome and good luck! In the end, it's about fun, not money, be gamble aware
  14. Hello and welcome! Happy winnings!