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  1. There are no way that can get back you money from scambroker. You have to understand who is real and who is scamer that will help you. You can not get your money when you sent to any scamer..
  2. Yes after finish the covid 19 bitcoin Will go up in 2020. Because of many problems bitcoin get down badly so it will be go back on his place after everything gose normal. Wait for go up bitcoin..
  3. I transaction ltc Everytim. Ltc transaction time much more then btc i know. So i think the fastest transaction is btc but sometime slowly transaction is natura. So Don't worry about that. Thank you..
  4. Not Everytime Animation get some problem to my work but sometimes Animation the biggest problem for my work. Sometimes animation really make me angry..
  5. I am not a lifetime winner but i really want to be a lifetime Winner . Because be a life time Winner is the best thing for me. I want to win everytime every where..
  6. I Don't know about others but i really Don't like $1000 rece.$1000 rece i can't play this that's why i Don't like that. Thank you..
  7. I am really feel so much boring. Because i lock Down in home 27day.i want to go outside. I feel very bad..
  8. I Don't know who to exchange even i want o exchange my coin.so i also want to know about how to exchange my coins. Thank you..
  9. I really need your help. I can't find 10min reload option.i want to join 10min reload so please help me to find it..
  10. I Don't have any alt account.and brother even i Don't know about alt in casino.i really want to know. Thank you for your information
  11. Yes.i always enjoy create my own post with my own idea.also i love to reply others post.i love to work with stake..
  12. I Don't know about the new game but i am so excited for new game.i love new games...
  13. Great thanks for your information.I don't known about it but now I know about it .I get all idea about it. I need to know about it thank you..
  14. Congregation brother. Wish you a best of luck. Be a VIP is a very valuable..
  15. No brother I never been arrested. I never done any bad work that's why I never been arrested. Arrested is a bad think..