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  1. SatoshiMaster white Happy Birthday 🎉 @Edward have a great Day and big Party later.
  2. Happy Birthday Eddie. Stay Happy, Healthy and Rich Baby
  3. @Bojana is banned for not knowing that I am the only holy one
  4. I think 20 people would be best and they should do something against winning more than 1 time on raffle
  5. I use ltc, eos, trx because of fast and cheap transfer
  6. Got something around 70 Dollar. Not bad at all.
  7. Yeah just would love to see some more poker and pvp poker here. At least some cashgame tables. Tournament also would be great
  8. No I don't like that idea. Chat is important for community. I dont know in what chat you are. At our German chat most people dont wager more than 1k per day but we are a friendly and cool community. That rules would break down community not need something like that. Wager for rain already got increased, so I think that's enough. You can ignore rest of begging people who not got banned after short time.
  9. Actually I am active all day long. Relax, chatting and gamble little bit
  10. You can reply on some topics just with the reply bitten. But on some topics you need be active in forum bevor. Some quest like 10 post in the forum, before you can reply on giveaways or challanges.
  11. Plinko my new love. You can wager fast like dice but also can hit huge multis . I love that tumbling balls
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