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  1. Dan


    Awesome info Darko, preseason starts next week yeah? I'm gonna put some money down, who do you think will be a valuable pick for a win?
  2. Dan

    HumberRolls not paying

    Ban from both, and any future alts too.
  3. Dan

    Happy hour

    I don't manage happy hours, Micro is the man in charge of that now.
  4. Dan

    📢 Loaning to be phased out!

    Ill look into building a better system.
  5. Kate


    Good day lol 

    1. Dan


      Hello my fwend :)

    2. Kate


      Hi xD

      My first time I guess using this feature lol

  6. Its the mods responsibilities to mute spammers. That's all they do.
  7. Dan

    2FA on tipping

    Its only temporary, please read my response.
  8. But if its in a separate channel, its not showing to a user who isn't logged in (AKA a new user) How do they know we rain on our players?
  9. But that's the problem is it not? Its too easy for passive beggers to reach chat requirements.
  10. It was multiple party decision to implement the rainbot. Here are the objectives as I understand them: Reduce work load for support who have to spend time raining daily. Increase chat activity. Make it incredibly obvious to new players that being apart of the community rewards you. Incentive to register and confirm email. You have to understand that decisions aren't made by the majority of the people you communicate with. The other thing you have to consider, is the rainbot (may be coincidence, but that's unfortunately not measurable) has contributed significantly to the increase in many things, including activity, online users and deposits. They were the KPI's that were set for the creation of the rainbot service, and the outcome has been very good. So my solution is to remove the chat component of rainbot, so that chat has no influence on the likelihood of receiving rain. The problem that I see everyone complaining about is the passive beggars. If we removed chat influence on rain, then they wont have a need to passive beg to rainbot. My other idea is that we change the requirement to chat to be based on wager in the last fortnight rather than wager of all time.
  11. Dan

    Missing the way it was

    The people who waste time making one line responses don't earn any payment from the PPP initiative. Furthermore they are just wasting their time if they are alts because we successfully clear all alts out before payments go through. If the forum is being spammed and you don't think the moderation team is doing a good enough job to keep it clean, we can easily change that.
  12. Dan

    📢 Loaning to be phased out!

    I have removed the feedback system. It was providing false trust for people. Perhaps we can reinstate it if its not abused.
  13. dan, i have over 30 posts and still no forum satoshi balance change of any sort. just wondering why, if its me or something else. thanks. @Dan

    1. Dan


      I have responded to your PM.

  14. Dan

    Loaning suggestion

    The decision to phase out the loaning component of the site is more so to do with things other than work load. Sure we could invest time into making a system that works, but the Admins have found that there's been many HR's who have left the site because they were banned for defaulting on loans. This is primarily the main issue that triggered the decision. There's nothing you can do to prevent someone form defaulting on a loan. If we put in measures where you couldn't wager all your loaned funds, that would be us stopping our customers from playing. I don;t know that any business model would ever work like that.
  15. Dan

    I decided not to deposit because....

    Rain Is based on the amount wagered on the site during that period. It’s a portion of the house edge. If the rain is small then it means nobody is playing.