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  1. We build all our own games, both backend and frontend. Something that you find common in this industry is that people will copy front end code and build their own backends. This isn't relatively that hard to do if you know what you are doing. It certainly is rather disappointing when you see other operators spinning up their clones of our games, something that we spent a lot of hard work and effort to design and build, but it's also rather humbling at the same time. The more sites that build and implement games that we create, the more of a testament it is to our influence on the industry. Competition is whatever you make of it. We use it to help fuel our desire to constantly evolve and improve. Our goal is to stay ahead of the industry by reinventing the wheel as much as possible and building new and exciting products that push the envelope for both a players experience but also in regards to development technologies and methodologies.
  2. If you purposefully only post in the paid sections, you wont earn as much as those who use the forum correctly and post about a variety of things, in various different areas.
  3. Hi @firenine I have tested the load time and haven't been able to reproduce the problem with that widget. It might have been a temporary problem, could you check to see if its still occurring?
  4. I added other fields to help provide insight as to what you can also return, but if you only need the iid from a bet, thats the most efficient way to return what you need. Well done!
  5. That error isn't within the scope of our API. I tested the following and it works fine: { bet(betId: "") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier createdAt currency user { name } } } } } Here is an example of the query working using Insomnia (great tool to use for testing and developing with both REST and GraphqQL API's)
  6. Hilo Bet (initiate a bet on a new game of hilo) [Authenticated] mutation hiloBet($amount: Float!, $currency: CurrencyEnum!, $startCard: HiloBetStartCardInput!) { hiloBet(amount: $amount, currency: $currency, startCard: $startCard) { ...BetFragment state { ...HiloStateFragment } } } Hilo Next (guess next condition) [Authenticated] mutation hiloNext($guess: BetGameHiloGuessEnum!) { hiloNext(guess: $guess) { ...BetFragment state { ...HiloStateFragment } } } Hilo Cashout (cashout current active game) [Authenticated] mutation hiloCashout { hiloCashout { ...BetFragment state { ...HiloStateFragment } } } Hilo Active Bet (query to find active hilo game) [Authenticated] query hiloActiveBet { user { id activeBet(game: hilo) { ...BetFragment state { ...HiloStateFragment } } } } The following unique fragment is used in the above graphql examples: HiloStateFragment fragment HiloStateFragment on BetGameHilo { startCard { suit rank } rounds { card { suit rank } guess payoutMultiplier } } Roulette Bet (make a roulette bet) [Authenticated] mutation rouletteBet( $currency: CurrencyEnum! $colors: [RouletteBetColorsInput] $numbers: [RouletteBetNumbersInput] $parities: [RouletteBetParitiesInput] $ranges: [RouletteBetRangesInput] $rows: [RouletteBetRowsInput] ) { rouletteBet( currency: $currency colors: $colors numbers: $numbers parities: $parities ranges: $ranges rows: $rows ) { ...BetFragment state { ...RouletteStateFragment } } } The following unique fragment is used in the above mutation: RouletteStateFragment fragment RouletteStateFragment on BetGameRoulette { result colors { amount value } numbers { amount value } parities { amount value } ranges { amount value } rows { amount value } }
  7. Thanks for the insightful information. I will try to have a developer present during the next big flood of traffic to try and diagnose the issue. Cheers.
  8. Bet (lookup bet) [Unrestricted] { bet(betId: "d2f7e317-9848-471b-b0d8-b4902b8a4c5b") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier createdAt currency user { name } } } } } Send Tip List (tips you have sent) [Authenticated] { user { sendTipList { currency amount createdAt user { name } } } } Tip List (tips you have received) [Authenticated] { user { tipList { currency amount createdAt user { name } } } } You can authenticate using the method stated above. You need to pass the x-access-token in the header as described in my original post.
  9. You said that there were existing bugs that werent fixed? These all appear to be new since the update. Heres my response: There is no menu on usernames anymore, this is not a bug, this is a feature to improve seamless integration with different user functions. Therefore the first 2 things aren't bugs. The posting to chat I disabled as there is a new mutation for my bot messages that I need to get time to update. List of errors that randomly come up? This is information we need, can you explain how to reproduce and what caused it? We can fix these if you tell us! Lag on games? Please can you demonstrate, we are unable to reproduce. What device and OS are you using? That's not a bug, thats an update. The menu on chat was never working well. A lot of people had issues using the user menu when chat was moving. This solves that problem now. You are totally right.
  10. mutation { createVaultWithdrawal( currency: btc amount: 0.0000000088 password: "password" tfaToken: "123456" ) { id } }
  11. Removing balance from vault isn't something you should be doing via the API, is there perhaps a reason why you want to know how to do such functionality?
  12. Bet Info Query (lookup a players bet history) [Unrestricted] bet(iid: "house:6645313440") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier createdAt currency user { name } } } }