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  1. Interesting quote, thanks for sharing!
  2. There is no retention policy set for Eddies streams on twitch, so pretty sure there is no vod generated.
  3. Originally stake was exclusively a provable fair casino too, the meta is shifting.
  4. Our next currency will be USDT, from there we will probably work on fiat currencies, rather than more of these so called "stablecoins"
  5. The only real tangible value to crypto is the fact that it has a limited supply. Most of the other factors that were promoted by the use of the currency have since really been abolished. As long as you are capable of selling someone else your bitcoin at a higher value than you sold it, then yeh its a profitable investment. I personally however would prefer to invest in something a bit more substantial like a company in the share market.
  6. You might have cooked it a bit too far this time @Takezo Kensei 😂
  7. This will eventually come in due time, its just a low prio at the moment.
  8. This feature already exists and we use it on certain situations. Any support member or higher can trigger a slow mode on any chat channel based on time between messages. Thanks for the suggestion though, very thoughtful of you!
  9. I'd argue that the fact the site is at an all time high with regards to activity, kind of contradicts your reasoning for such claims.
  10. Stake originally had a huge fundamental vision regarding provable fairness as its the most honest form of gambling. Since the inception of the slot games form third party providers, that has started a shift in things. Our biggest hurdle with poker was making it provable fair, as that would completely change the industry, which is a huge goal of ours. We are all poker fans and hopefully will see poker on our platform. As for all your other suggestions. We run far more promotions than any of our competitors. That's why you are here, if the reloads were in fact garbage, you wouldn't be
  11. That is an absolutely ridiculous take, closing topic.
  12. Whats the problem here? You want the winner to be disqualified? Were you disqualified?
  13. No new years bonus this year, we went hard during christmas and cooked ourselves.
  14. If you have issues with gambling I highly suggest you use the self-exclusion feature that exists on all legitimate sites. If you contact our support team they can assist.
  15. Yep, you will receive an email shortly regarding your withdrawal issue.
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