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  1. Hello all, bet sharing functionality is now restored, sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Cheers for the suggestion @Lupertazzi, I have forwarded to our sportsbook team.
  3. Dan


    I think it would be rather weird if a sport team loses on purpose because some random player on stake bet $1000 dollars, perhaps less even?
  4. Dan


    A rational explanation, well said.
  5. The real reason those limits were originally put in place was due to people farming low odd risks to try and win the races. Realistically there is nothing wrong with betting low odds, because there is a low payout and always a chance you lose. If you want to take those low odds, you can bet any odds via API, its only limited on frontend, to discourage certain wager increasing methods to ruin the spirit of a race.
  6. Just create a loop that checks the game status every couple of seconds. You have the gameId in your bet response. query { slideGame(gameId: "") { status } } for example here's a javascript loop that executes every 5 seconds with a kill-switch after 15 seconds due to time = 3. var time = 1; var interval = setInterval(function() { if (time <= 3) { alert(time); time++; } else { clearInterval(interval); } }, 5000); To be honest, theres probably a better way to do this, I can ask one of the devs to respond on here if you need more
  7. Value is an USD estimation of the bet amount, you will never get access to that. With slide, you have to wait for the game round to end before a result is derived.
  8. Not currently available. No, there is no permission settings for creating custom authentication tokens. mutation { multiplayerSlideBet(amount: 1, currency: btc, cashoutAt: 2) { id gameId currency result value payoutMultiplier payout cashoutAt search { iid } } }
  9. We can provide options for reduced bonuses in the future.
  10. Would you be willing to take a 50% reduced bonus instantly or a 100% bonus over period of time?
  11. The last version won't work, I will code a new one.
  12. You wont ever be able to have both, there's too many things that aren't customize-able. For example the widgets on the sidebar cant be changed per theme, same with the promotion countdown clock and a few other things. You have to choose light or dark, not both.
  13. The backend team broke something while trying to fix something else. It will be resolved and the old fields will be returned.
  14. I love seeing people tackle coding challenges, good work!
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