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  1. A post that contains no meaning is one that has no self opinion and doesn't evoke a follow up response.
  2. The result for a bet is inside the state { ...fragment } demonstrated in tahoola's example. For dice games it would be: query BetList($user: String) { user(name: $user) { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { ...BetFragment } } } fragment BetFragment on Bet { id iid type bet { ... on CasinoBet { ...CasinoBetFragment } } } fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game state { ... on CasinoGameDice { ...DiceStateFragment } } } fragment DiceStateFragment on CasinoGameDice { result target condition }
    1. Dan


      Did you mean to post an empty message?

  3. Sportbet fields id: String! status: SportBetStatusEnum! active: Boolean! bonus: Boolean! amount: Float! currency: CurrencyEnum! cashoutMultiplier: Float! payoutMultiplier: Float! payout: Float! updatedAt: String! createdAt: String! system: Int! outcomes: [SportBetOutcome!]! events: [SportBetEvent!]! user: User It will just be a basic graphiql interface.
  4. We are in the process of opening the API up again to the public.
  5. This type of functionality is not supported currently. We will be building a public API in the coming months to support such strategy betting.
  6. Rains are only on the platform as a method of providing generosity to players. Logs only end up making things painful for a lot of the staff, as then users compare how much they received to others, which is completely ridiculous considering its a randomly determined function on our site. Any info removed form the transaction logs were done so to not only improve mobile experience on the site, but also remove pointless information that isn't important to our product, being a Casino.
  7. I have fixed this issue, it will be pushed later today.
  8. @Elmango Using your spreadsheet, i configured it for 8 decks and no surrender, but it doesnt equal 0.485% Whats wrong with your spreadsheet? Or is there a problem with the wizard of odds calculator?
  9. Before we can continue, please provide the correct calculation for 8 decks and no surrender.
  10. The easiest way to solve this is to calculate how much of an impact the difference between 8 decks and an infinite deck has on the EV. In an 8 deck game, the first ace is 16/208 and the second is 15/207. In an inifinite deck its technically 1/13 and 1/13. Do the calculation with pruely the rules above in my original image. No surrender and 8 decks. Are you saying that with no surrender and 8 decks, its not 0.485%?
  11. Taking the two current calculations, can you demonstrate the difference of the infinite deck on both of these attached figures. Cheers! Notice how surrender lowers the house edge. I think what you are trying to claim, is wizards of odds (both the video makers, and the website) are wrong?
  12. Can you please show me how you take the above calculated result of 0.485% (from screenshot) and apply it to an inifinte deck size? What it sounds like to me, is you do not agree with the calculation shown in my screenshot.
  13. Hi @Elmango, I am familiar with the calculation, could you show me where the calculation for surrender rule changes that? As you can see below, it is already taken into consideration.