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  1. @KiXxnTRiXx here is your email status with our service: Unsubscribed Jan 7, 2:40 AM You are lucky, when we did our email campaign, you're name wasn't removed from the credit list, because of the eligibility not taking into account the subscription status. The email would have been sen't to you, but our service would have cancelled it because you unsubscribed on January 7th this year. I would consider yourself lucky in this case because this was a big promotion, but with smaller ones, you will probably miss out if nobody tells you about it.
  2. The old stake is not maintained, and not advised to be used much longer. It is only currently there because some users issues are still be resolved regarding performance.
  3. More than 10 posts in a 24 hour period.
  4. The developers dont really prioritise sound issues. As for the games being able to run when the tabbed out, this is only available on windows machines form my understanding due to being allowed ot have multiple threads running in the browser, where mac's don;t seem to allow it, and therefore the stacked up games on plinko are going to occur. I have the sound issue being investigated, but there might not even be a fix considering its a direct result of how the browser is processing the game.
  5. If you are concerned about your privacy, then having the bot rain on you when you are private makes complete no sense. Why would you want a bot to rain on you if you are trying to hide the fact you are currently betting! Then people know you are betting, and the feature of hiding your details are no longer hidden.
  6. This week we have launched some huge improvements to player privacy and changes to rainbot in order to address concerns that have been raised over the past few months relating to chat degradation. We are dedicated to supporting the positive growth of this wonderful community and constantly ensure we take all feedback into consideration when making such changes. Privacy Changes We have done some tweaks to how the privacy settings work for all players. The privacy settings are found via settings > preferences when clicking on your username on the primary navigation at the top of the page. Here are the new revised conditions that are applied to each settings: Hide bets Your bets in high roller, all bets appear as user:hidden Other users can't see your recent bets You can't get a high roller flame in the chat You can't be rained on Hide total wagered Your wagered in your stats is hidden to other users You can't be rained on Hide total profit Your profit in your stats is hidden to other users You can't be rained on Rainbot Changes Rainbot now focuses far more heavily on wager amount. This decision was made to help promote rainbot as more of a rake back style tool, rather than a community engagement feature. Coupled with the changes to privacy, the rainbot will credit players who are public with their gambling. This is imperative for handling the various privacy concerns that have been raised over the past few weeks. Spam Rating In efforts to combat the spam that has been plaguing the Stake chat over recent months, we have been working behind the scenes to look at ways of improving the quality of life for our players. We are aware of the problem regarding to the increase of spam bot's and have started implementing strategies to discourage such behaviour. Going forward, all players will have a configurable spam rating that is determined by staff and an algorithm. This rating if rises too high will result in the player being excluded from rainbot until their attitude/content is changed. We do not publicise your spam rating.
  7. 1m is max payout, but the result can be much much higher.
  8. Our analytics don't show much of a following in India & Pakistan. Is it not true that English is the language the majority of Indians speak?
  9. Hotkey exist for Hilo, be sure to enable them!
  10. The API hasn't changed, if you go to the current version of stake and open up dev tools, you can find the graphql request when viewing your bet log. (Found under the network tab)
  11. No, there is no current way to view your bet log unless you have an understanding how to navigate them via the API. You can however track your profit via the graphs for user statistics.
  12. I have an idea, lets just giveaway funds without having a giveaway, like increase the faucet or something? Who's with me!?
  13. Dan

    Crazy idea

    With our code base, this would be easily feasible, however there is no legitimate reason why we would ever want to build something like this.