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  1. If you know a bet that was placed with that seed pair, then yes. Otherwise you will have to navigate through your betlist history (or archive) until you can find a bet with that seed pair. Your seed pairs are stored in the CasinoBet type: type CasinoBet { serverSeed: CasinoServerSeed! clientSeed: CasinoClientSeed! } Have you updated your access token with your new one? Already answered here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/19678-using-the-stake-api/?do=findComment&comment=645824 This has already been answered on page two and three of this topic from memory.
  2. Hi, can you write to me in a personal account, I just can't, and there is a big question

  3. We dont manage modbot, thats up to the bot owner, it is managed and created by a community member. Rainbot should be fixed shortly.
  4. Hi Kyle, Using what you have done to get to where you are, you can access any of the available markets within the fixture object as shown in these type definitions. type SportFixture { markets(...): [SportMarket!]! marketCount(...): Int! id: String! slug: String! extId: String! createdAt: String! updatedAt: String! status: SportFixtureStatusEnum! tournament: SportTournament! eventStatus: SportFixtureEventStatus! startTime: Date! name: String! } markets( status: [SportMarketStatusEnum!]! ): [SportMarket!]! type SportMarket { id: String! description: String! producer: Int! group: String! name: String! extId: String! status: SportMarketStatusEnum! specifiers: String! extendedSpecifiers: String! outcomes: [SportMarketOutcome!]! } type SportMarketOutcome { id: String! extId: String! active: Boolean! odds: Float! name: String! market: SportMarket! } You can call the fixtureList from within a sport or a tournamentList query. WIthin that fixtureList response you are returned an array of fixtures, in which you can then grab the relevant info from the SportFixture type shown above. If you know the fixture ID you can also query it directly using the following two methods: sportFixture( fixtureId: String! ): SportFixture sportFixtureByExtId( extId: String! ): SportFixture Using the external ID might be easier for you guys if you already know the betradar ID's beforehand.
  5. Hi mate, here is how you do the following scenarios. 1) Return a list of sports (for their ID's) sportList( type: SportSearchEnum limit: Int offset: Int ): [Sport!]! 2) Return the list of fixtures in a sport sport( sportId: String! ) { fixtureList( type: SportSearchEnum limit: Int offset: Int ): [SportFixture!]! } 3) Get the list of tournaments in a sport sport( sportId: String! ) { tournamentList( type: SportSearchEnum limit: Int offset: Int ): [SportTournament!]! } 4) Query all the fixtures in a tournament sportTournament( tournamentId: String! ): SportTournament
  6. Forgotten animals ❤️
  7. We are in the process of adding it to our platform. Sooon! Very Soon!
  8. Hi All, Askgamblers has closed this case and ruled in our favour. Do not listen to the leis and deceit this player is trying to spread.
  9. Bet speed limitations increase with the size of your bet. In saying that, our speed is standard across most other platforms that offer the same sort of thing.,
  10. I am not familiar with that error, have you tried google? What are you coding in?
  11. A post that contains no meaning is one that has no self opinion and doesn't evoke a follow up response.
  12. The result for a bet is inside the state { ...fragment } demonstrated in tahoola's example. For dice games it would be: query BetList($user: String) { user(name: $user) { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { ...BetFragment } } } fragment BetFragment on Bet { id iid type bet { ... on CasinoBet { ...CasinoBetFragment } } } fragment CasinoBetFragment on CasinoBet { id active payoutMultiplier amountMultiplier amount payout updatedAt currency game state { ... on CasinoGameDice { ...DiceStateFragment } } } fragment DiceStateFragment on CasinoGameDice { result target condition }
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  13. Sportbet fields id: String! status: SportBetStatusEnum! active: Boolean! bonus: Boolean! amount: Float! currency: CurrencyEnum! cashoutMultiplier: Float! payoutMultiplier: Float! payout: Float! updatedAt: String! createdAt: String! system: Int! outcomes: [SportBetOutcome!]! events: [SportBetEvent!]! user: User It will just be a basic graphiql interface.
  14. We are in the process of opening the API up again to the public.