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  1. Appeals are used to measure to success of our moderation teams ability to handle complex situations. The appeals area isnt that busy and that tends to indicate they are doing a just and reasonable job. If you think theres an issue, voice it and it's considered. Appeals are not typically there to be overthrown but to be reviewed by a superior to ensure nobody is power abusing or treating players too harshly. I am yet to see a case where someone was muted unjustly, and I doubt there will ever be a case.
  2. Shiest

    1. Shiest


      Do you know when the video challenge results will be posted, my good man?

  3. The token is used with bots so that you can utilise the API.
  4. The topic of house edge for roulette has come up a fair few times, but theres never been a resolution between the owners for actually approving the implementation of it.
  5. Sorry guys, we missed the email informing us to re-validate the cert. Was able to resolve it this morning.
  6. Yes its possible to change your forum name as long as you have no warning points. To do so, you will need to contact me via PM and be prepared to log in with the new username once its changed as it also changes the login username.
  7. You can also get your token (with limited privileges, cant tip/withdraw/etc) from the settings page: https://stake.com/settings/tokens mutation { diceRoll (amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { iid payout currency game nonce } } Here is the mutation for diceRoll The values in the curly brackets are what fields you want returned when the result is reached. There are more than the ones I omitted, which can be found via the schema.
  8. Using the Stake API https://api.stake.com/graphql Authentication You can authenticate with graphql via the http header. If you are using the playground (via https://api.stake.com/graphql) you can simply add it to the HTTP HEADERS input at the bottom of the interface by adding your jwt token (found in local storage of your browser) and adding it to the "x-access-token" property within the header object. For example: { "x-access-token": "token goes here" } This process also applies for development outside the scope of the playground built into the API endpoint. Schema You can view the schema for the entire API via the following button on the right of the playground interface. From here you can search and browse all the possible queries and mutations. Queries are the equivalent of a GET request, where you are asking for information to be returned, whereas a mutation is a POST request where you invoke an action. Examples Send Message Mutation (sends a message to a chat channel) [Authenticated] mutation { sendMessage(chatId: "chat_id_goes_here", message: "message_goes_here") { id user { name } } } Public Chats Query (search for all public chat channels) [Unrestricted] query { publicChats { id name } } Bet List Query (lookup a players bet history) [Unrestricted] { user(name: "dan") { betList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { iid game payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier amount currency createdAt } } } Roll Dice (play stakes dice game) [Authenticated] mutation { diceRoll (amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { iid payout currency game nonce } }
  9. That's most likely because of alt abuse.
  10. Hi all, please note the changes have been amended to only effect people playing in ghost mode.
  11. Winner winner chicken dinner, put me in coach!
  12. @KiXxnTRiXx here is your email status with our service: Unsubscribed Jan 7, 2:40 AM You are lucky, when we did our email campaign, you're name wasn't removed from the credit list, because of the eligibility not taking into account the subscription status. The email would have been sen't to you, but our service would have cancelled it because you unsubscribed on January 7th this year. I would consider yourself lucky in this case because this was a big promotion, but with smaller ones, you will probably miss out if nobody tells you about it.
  13. The old stake is not maintained, and not advised to be used much longer. It is only currently there because some users issues are still be resolved regarding performance.