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  1. Dan

    What do you guys think about the rollhunt?

    We already have plenty of community engagement events and activities throughout the week. We are one of the most generous casinos around, with more money given back to players than anyone in our scope. Currently we don't need more ways to give free money out.
  2. Dan

    High-roller flame on stake.

    The 1 balance remaining issue is already fixed? I feel like you love to just post stuff for the sake of it. Have you tried to replicate that particular bug? Im locking this because its getting off topic.
  3. Dan

    "Are you sure you want to X?" Discussion

    We can't hold your hand the entire experience. If you accidentally put the wrong wallet address, your coins are gone, if you walk off a cliff without looking where you are going, you are gone. This isn't some fantasy unlimited lives game. Be more vigilant with your gambling and you wont have issues. The site is fairly straightforward with showing you certain key points of interest. If you for example change your currency, you can see the icon for that coin in more than one location on the page. Typically 2-3, sometimes more.
  4. This topic has now been merged and with it my original response is present. Please read up to see the purpose of not having the hide transfer button. People still complain about the faucet being low when the forum provides a much higher bounty of wealth. We need it to be in peoples face so they stop complaining and start using their brain
  5. Dan

    Vault email?

    It's instant, check spam folder just in case I'm going to assume you resolved this. If you have any further issues please contact live support.
  6. I firmly believe that the biggest trait of a successful gambler, or even just someone who's successful in life in general is their ability to make smart decisions in stressful and emotional times. I have seen so many people (including myself) make irrational decisions when they are conflicted by emotions or even just others influences. Being able to stop and think before going all in just because you lost a little, is never the right decision. We work so hard on our strategies and most the time those strategies work. So when we hit a bump in the road, its important to remember that we got to where we were using our strategy and our strategy will work if we just stick to it, and not stray for our discipline and just risk it all.
  7. Dan

    Chico's Stream <3 Come on guys!

    Thanks for the stream mate, was great to watch!
  8. Dan

    Stake Leaderboard

    This leaderboard is super subjective and easily abuse-able (hence why i don't link to it anywhere.) We have done similar types of competitions in the past on our other sites and its always ended up with a mass amount of alts created to abuse the giveaways. It always just ends up being a lot of work for the community team and not something that has ever been able to be run efficiently.
  9. Dan

    High-roller flame on stake.

    Thanks for the suggestion, we have already got this on the development list of things to fix in the coming future. Its not currently of high priority so its sitting a little bit down the list. We have over 400 tasks currently on our backlog and powering through them daily. Something like this isn't a high priority fix.
  10. Dan

    Stoker, Badger, Seat 9

    There is a huge battle with provably fair for player vs player gaming. We want to release something that is truly transparent and fair, but currently there's a bit of a divide on how to do it. Also we have some other big projects already in the works before we can consider it.
  11. Dan

    Users abusing the chat

    Yes, most keyboards for Russians and some eastern Europeans.
  12. Dan

    Users abusing the chat

    Some keyboards do not have the ":" (semicolon) key, so when they do emoji faces with symbols its usually just the smile or frown part.
  13. Dan

    Bet Archive - Yay or nah?

    No worries mate, hopefully you are more familiar with excel, as its should be much easier to read and search the log.
  14. Dan

    Phasing out loans, has it worked?

    I don't think you realise how many people we have had to ban because of defaulting on loans. It was an alarming amount, and our "structure" that we tried to enforce on the forum, wasn't changing that amount! We wouldn't have removed it if it was functioning healthily in our ecosystem, but the fact of the matter is it wasn't. You decided that you wanted to take on the risk yourself, if you are having issues with people scamming you, then you should consider improving your policy and management of how you take on clients.
  15. Dan

    Bet Archive - Yay or nah?

    @blueprints @Etude @Snike If you are struggling to read the json file, I can create a tool to help you understand how to digest it. You shouldn't be opening it in microsoft word For the time being, feel free to convert it to excel using this: https://json-csv.com/