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  1. [0.05+ BTC] Design new game icons with us!

    These are amazing. I think when Edward says redesign, I believe he might be meaning, a completely new look and style. It doesn't have to be in those square box's perhaps try different layouts.
  2. As this has now been implemented, I will close the topic.
  3. [Seeking] loan 200k

    Thanks @HumberRolls, pleasure doing business with you.
  4. [Seeking] loan 200k

    I have increased the loan to 400k. You are not allowed to take out any more until you repay your debts at agreed rate. 15% interest + 400k within 7 Days.
  5. [Seeking] loan 200k

    Sent. 10% interest daily, expected back in 72 hours at latest.
  6. Stake 2017 Award Winners! With the birth of Stake.com and the start of a new era in gambling, a few special community members have really shown their true colours. Congratulation to all the winners, but most importantly we would like to thank the community as a whole for all your tremendous support over the initial growing period. Everyone has made a significant contribution towards helping us to continue to improve the gambling experience. Although 2017 was brief for Stake, we have already come so far, and look forward to going even further in 2018!
  7. Bitconnect is dead

    Everyone knew bitconnect with a ponzi scheme, it was a risk that people who invested in it were willing to take.
  8. I wanted to get a discussion started for all those people who enjoy music production or are interested in getting started. Lets go over a few of the common terms used with music production and discuss the composition styles associated to different genres. I know there probably won't be many who are interested in this particular field, but perhaps the few who are can work together to share useful information, and help others get started. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) When it comes to modern day music production, most producers no longer need an entire workstation, full of high end synths and other hardware devices to compose music. The modern era is fortunate enough to have all of the old school technology bundled in easy to use music production software, also referred to as DAW's. The most common DAW's on the market currently are (by market share): Ableton – 27% FL Studio – 21% Studio One – 18% Reaper – 13% Logic Pro – 12% These tools are the foundations of getting you started with music production. I have used both FL Studio and Ableton over the last few years, with my favourite being Ableton due to its slick design and professional live session support. There are free trials available and torrents for those who are interested in getting started and can't afford to pay the hefty price for the software. Have you dabbled with music production? What DAW have you used? Which do you prefer?
  9. What will be your Club?

    Clubs are for speciality discussion for people outside of the general area. This allows people to build clubs and mini communities with the ability to share content with like minded people. You can join as many clubs as you want.
  10. Can we have Crews (Groups) here as well?

    Clubs are now live, and can be accessed from the top navigation menu.
  11. Game idea: Racing bets / Virtual horses

    This has been something I've been looking to create for the forum, the developers like the concept but its not something they can facilitate currently.
  12. Mines Verification

    @madcoin Ignore the part where it says no mines. Its only relevant if you did a game of 24 mins and 1 gem. Hamur has explained it correctly, above this post.
  13. Showing Account creation date

    You can find all relevant public account information on the API. https://api.stake.com/api/users/username/dan
  14. Introducing Pay per Post!

    You can do all sorts of things with bitcoin in daily needs. Many retailers accept bitcoin as a currency so that you can purchase goods and services.