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  1. As maverick stated above, we do not support loaning on this platform. If you are foolish enough to trust some anonymous person on the internet with your hard earned money, then you must be willing to say goodbye to it, because the odds of it coming back are terrible.
  2. The forum is still super healthy. There's more than enough content available to discuss and theres still upwards of 512 active users logging on each 24 hours.
  3. @blockbet i really appreciate you helping with this, I have informed Ed and he will provide you with a little bonus. Since this topic wasn't being responded to correctly, I have locked it.
  4. You can download them via: https://stake.com/transactions/archive Also to add, playing via an API uses far less resources on your computer, as the front end runs a whole lot of garbage that probably isn't necessary (visual animations, item rendering, etc.) mutation { createWithdrawal(currency: btc, address: "", amount: 0.000001, tfaToken: "") { id name address amount refFee status } } Starting a game mutation { hiloBet( amount: 1 currency: doge startCard: { suit: "D", rank: "A" } guess: higher ) { id active state { ... on CasinoGameHilo { startCard { suit rank } rounds { card { suit rank } guess } } } } } Suit, Rank and Guess Definitions const suits = [‘D’, ‘H’, ‘S’, ‘C’]; const ranks = [ ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’, ‘10’, ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’, ‘A’ ]; const ranks = ['higher', 'lower', 'equal', higherEqual', 'lowerEqual']; Making next guess mutation { hiloNext(guess: higher) { active state { ... on CasinoGameHilo { startCard { suit rank } rounds { card { suit rank } guess } } } } } How to Cashout mutation { hiloCashout { active } }
  5. No changes have been made to plinko.
  6. Ive been really into RIley Reid lately.
  7. Hi Guys, We are trying to resolve issues with Plinko balls deciding to not follow orders and go into different outcomes, but we need your help! During the next two weeks, if you notice any cheeky little games where the result isn't the same as indicated by the ball drop (on the replay) please share the bet ID here on this topic so we can isolate the few that aren't mapped correctly. We have a little reward for those who are able to share unique bets where this is the case!
  8. As you guys know, we do our best to try and prevent as many scammers as possible, but there will always be some that fall through the gaps. Some things that I suggest checking before you ever follow any links on facebook. Check that it was posted by our page, and not a fake page. We don't typically reply to comments with links, let alone to other sites. English is our first language, so if it doesn't make sense or is written poorly, it's certainly not us! Hope these few things help spot these scams better.
  9. We build all our own games, both backend and frontend. Something that you find common in this industry is that people will copy front end code and build their own backends. This isn't relatively that hard to do if you know what you are doing. It certainly is rather disappointing when you see other operators spinning up their clones of our games, something that we spent a lot of hard work and effort to design and build, but it's also rather humbling at the same time. The more sites that build and implement games that we create, the more of a testament it is to our influence on the industry. Competition is whatever you make of it. We use it to help fuel our desire to constantly evolve and improve. Our goal is to stay ahead of the industry by reinventing the wheel as much as possible and building new and exciting products that push the envelope for both a players experience but also in regards to development technologies and methodologies.
  10. If you purposefully only post in the paid sections, you wont earn as much as those who use the forum correctly and post about a variety of things, in various different areas.
  11. Hi @firenine I have tested the load time and haven't been able to reproduce the problem with that widget. It might have been a temporary problem, could you check to see if its still occurring?
  12. I added other fields to help provide insight as to what you can also return, but if you only need the iid from a bet, thats the most efficient way to return what you need. Well done!