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  1. When it comes to the appropriate implementation of the provable fairness algorithm, there needs to exist at minimum two elements to the equation: the server seed and the client seed. When doing a mathematical computation for provable fairness, you need both parts to derive the fairly generated result. If you only have one part, that single input controls the result generation. Mathematically if no client seed existed for example, the chain of randomness would purely exist based on the input of the server seed. This wouldn't be fair, and that's why a client seed exists. In the case for Stake.com we adhere to a commitment scheme, which means we will generate a random server seed before you create a client seed of your choosing. This means that at no point in time, as long as Stake derives their input first, it is impossible for them to control the outcomes, because the client seed is controlled by the player. This is the core fundamentals of why provable fairness is so powerful to prevent operator manipulation.
  2. Not sure if already answered here but slow mode for chat already exists.
  3. All games are provably fair. You missed the point here, an interaction was made with the API, the term bot is generically used when an interacted in the logs was done outside the scope of the stake domain. Either way, the issue was isolated to be due to hitting the rate limit. The player was using a highly congested VPN and the response of the first card bet didnt visually generate on the players end because the server refused to send them the result of the first bet. It wasnt until the rate limit was removed and the player made a second bet that both interactions came through visually. If the player had of reloaded the page, they would have visually seen the current state of the game. We are going to implement a fail safe feature that lets a player know when the rate limit has kicked in and that their game state is out dated. This issue has now been resolved with the player.
  4. Dan

    Is Stake.com down?

    There was a brief downtime experienced today which should be restored. please try to login again.
  5. Hello, this issue is under investigation. If anyone can provide a screen recording of this issue in action that would be greatly appreciated so that we can diagnose the problem.
  6. Hello all, Evolution have closed the case, there is definitive proof that this player was interacting with the provider during this particular bet. Regarding the reference to "evolution ddosed" that was just speculation on Edwards side. I will not disclose personal information regarding this case but can provide the following: Game Details Game Id: 16894122084265c7e785b717 Type: Blackjack (blackjack) Table: Classic Speed Blackjack 30 (nep224c3xecqyyl4) Start: 2021-06-17 03:32:35 UTC Wager: 5000 USD Payout: 0 USD Player Net: -5000 USD Status: COMPLETED Dealer: 6 of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts, 2 of Spades (18) Player seat 1: 8 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds (16) Split seat 1: 8 of Spades, 6 of Diamonds (14) Player seat 2: 7 of Clubs, 4 of Clubs, 6 of Hearts (17) Player seat 4: 7 of Hearts, 5 of Spades (12) Player seat 5: 6 of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds (14) Player seat 6: 4 of Clubs, King of Clubs (14) Player seat 7: 2 of Spades, 6 of Hearts, Jack of Hearts (18) Figure 1: Game status (Green lines for transaction mean that connection was live from start to finish) Figure 2: Evolution response.
  7. Hello @rohitgames, All technical based issues need to be processed through techsupport@stake.com This way they can be investigated and possible fixes and reimbursements can be addressed with the operator/provider. I have responded to your email and require some additional information to handle this case.
  8. Interesting quote, thanks for sharing!
  9. There is no retention policy set for Eddies streams on twitch, so pretty sure there is no vod generated.
  10. Originally stake was exclusively a provable fair casino too, the meta is shifting.
  11. Our next currency will be USDT, from there we will probably work on fiat currencies, rather than more of these so called "stablecoins"
  12. The only real tangible value to crypto is the fact that it has a limited supply. Most of the other factors that were promoted by the use of the currency have since really been abolished. As long as you are capable of selling someone else your bitcoin at a higher value than you sold it, then yeh its a profitable investment. I personally however would prefer to invest in something a bit more substantial like a company in the share market.
  13. You might have cooked it a bit too far this time @Takezo Kensei 😂
  14. This will eventually come in due time, its just a low prio at the moment.
  15. This feature already exists and we use it on certain situations. Any support member or higher can trigger a slow mode on any chat channel based on time between messages. Thanks for the suggestion though, very thoughtful of you!
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