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  1. Stake Fantasy Trader | October | Top traders

    You didn't finish top 50.
  2. loans

    Answer provided by kargai. Locking topic.
  3. Account deletion

    Should be able to, please open a ticket with live support and they will be able to help you out.
  4. Ranking system for all players

    We have a similar concept being released as part of the wheel. It will involve a ranking system that tracks all users and such. Great idea, can;t wait to show you what we have created!
  5. Decrease betting wait time

    In the ideal situation we would want any user to be able to simultaneously make as many bets are one time as possible. Unfortunately with the current rate limiting and backend functionality, it is not possible. However, this is something that Stake would like to be able to provide in the future.
  6. Nsrao12 aka David Jones Scam

    Trades conducted outside of the forum are not something we can help you with.
  7. Cashback bonus needed !

    Sorry I'm not a developer so I don't know the status of projects, only control whats here on the forum
  8. Music and Videos Thread in General

    Good find, will fix right now.
  9. chrome log in

    This issue hasn't been completely resolved yet. Still being worked on.
  10. I have informed the development team and they will have this fixed with next update.
  11. Maverick Demote

    I was going to look into this incident, but your response to the evidence just confirmed how troll you are and how insincere you are about this whole scenario. I support Maverick and his decision making abilities. The fact of the matter is, the rules are there as guidance, but ultimately if you are being disruptive to the community in a distasteful way, then you will be muted, with or without a reason. I am going to close this topic as it's not only a poorly thought out attack, but its also complete idocracy. If either @Snike or @Fequ put this much effort into actually contributing to the community, instead of focusing so much on being burdens, then you both might actually enjoy your time here. These responses have been the biggest contributions you both have ever made, and I applaud you for that regard, but lets direct your skills in a way that's beneficial to both yourselves and the community.
  12. Error when reading chat

    If you give me your transaction ID, then I can try to assist.
  13. Guy wins 35btcs casino refuses to pay out!

    Would be a good use case to track this particular instance. Would like to know if he gets his money.