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  1. Yes 10minutes reload has lot of missing chances... Better it is monthly once or even every 24 hours like pd. So that we can claim enough. Otherwise we might miss when we're busy in our routine things like eat, bath, sleep and so on...lol thanks.
  2. Doge is a good crypto for long term sustainability. It might worthy if we hold longer. I came in crypto market when it was 15satoshi range. After few months, it is more than 10 times around 200 plus Satoshi per coin. So grab the bottom opportunity and make more by gambling or what you can...
  3. Good idea . But already there is a system for vip levels. We need achieve some wager levels to access telegram and boost bonus features. But we need a common channel for the site...
  4. OMG you killed it... Congrats
  5. Wow you really awesome 👍 congrats 👏
  6. Paypal is not good option for buying especially bitcoin. Bcuz their exchange rate of usd may high as my earlier experience. Local bitcoin is best way for buy and sell bitcoin.
  7. Ripple is one of the worst performance in the crypto market. It seems like a scam coin.. pumping and dumping always, struggling the bottom very longer.. But I love Ripple and holding long term. Hope it will worthy soon..
  8. I experienced 5 to 6 red's on 1.10x , not safe for 3 lose afford.
  9. Yes I too feel the truth about gambling.. gambling is not for income source. So don't trust on gamble and don't invest full of your money on it... That what I learnt from my 5years of gamble mind-set..
  10. Maybe possible after having..
  11. Never went real casino places.. only on online gambling
  12. Thirusmart

    Reload bonus

    Wow really great.. congrats