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  1. CrypSiris would be my name of choice. Osiris and crypto
  2. This passed week i joined stake and today i returned to my root casinos. kkkk Had amazinh run
  3. Latetly i am lovong ripple. its fast not to expensive for South africans and its not to cheap. I love gambling with it.
  4. Investment was the best option. I say i would do the latter but one nights party leeds to a life time regret.
  5. Not sure but you just exained me why my reload dissapeared. Goodluck at finding out. I geuss the easiest way is to go to live support.
  6. Im new to crypto. Isnt steemit such a site. Dont judge just laugh at me...
  7. I realized the big players not realy interested in the prize as much. Think about it... I just wagered 100 btc . Stake then gives me 0.06 for coming 15th.
  8. I think just think we all play differently. I dont like the patient game i go in Hit and leave. Some take there time to gather enough befor the enter
  9. I have not seen any other slot like stakes.... Its simplistic yet so many many ways to hit multipliers. I love it. Yet new games or slots will always be exciting
  10. My biggest was yesterday. I hit x500 on a 6 tron bet yeah...
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