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  1. oh well interesting i dont wanna see all countries has btc taxes from custom lol.
  2. Well i saw many yesterday when @futurwavsurf won big and @Neverever and everyone said "congrats" "have a nice day" "stay green" like 10 times hahahaha. and im just like wtf?
  3. Yeah. Well i think bitcoin is a gambling. Investing money is considered as a gambling so well yeah.
  4. thankyou for welcoming me hope i can know you well in stake chatroom goodluck Yeah thankyou @Snike you just need 1 post left advance congrats for you mate @barbaris nice to meet you too Goodluck buddy
  5. my biggest one was 113x lol hahaha i cant hunt big multi i get bored so fast after 100 bets hahaha.
  6. Mine was Baccarat because i played it seldom
  7. I play Mines alot rn but i like hilo and keno. the other im so shit hahaha. soo i will try plinko if i have some bankroll
  8. maybe higher bets will be prioritized like last hilo giveaway Goodluck Everyone I will try this as soon as possible ")
  9. Thats not bad idea if theres a dicipline on that.
  10. My question is who created first? Chicken or egg? spam?
  11. Well I dont know about it. so like how many days before the warning points was gone sir?