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  1. TBH there should be some requirement that you need to be a member on the forum for like a week or something minimum in order to post on the forum thread to win a giveaway. So many new people hear about the stream right before it happens and just makes 10 posts in like an hour and then enter. I even did this like 5 weeks ago and got 10 posts relatively easily and most stop checking during the times the giveaway isn't happening. Just my opinion.
  2. Lol, you need to message every mod as soon as they log into chat and make sure they remember your name. That will give you best chance to win lmao.
  3. No correlation between the two....
  4. Muff


    Well monthly bonus was released over a week ago at this point, if you missed those 5 days when you could claim the reload then you most likely aren't going to get special treatment to claim it again. The reload was for a 5 day span and anyone who logged on saw it. That's like me asking support if I can have last week's weekly bonus when the new week has already started.
  5. I would gamble atleast 100k, and let the chat go crazy for like 25k.....then I'd prob burn 400k on investments hoping I could retire for life. The rest I would probably buy my mom a house so she could retire as well.
  6. Muff Please pick me i am broke until payday thursday
  7. Firstly whether its rigged or not shouldnt matter since its just a free giveaway and rigged is better than nothing. Secondly, its not entirely rigged just up to the mods discretion. They end up picking who they want from a single page. The pages arent selected before the stream so it isn't ever completely rigged....but the mods do pick and chose who wins so therefore its most definitely not a "random giveaway". And also random number generators will NEVER take into account previously drawn numbers so repeat numbers will always be an issue. But ultimately its free and that's better than nothing
  8. They have the option to toggle PMs off and toggle tips off. There is no reason it should be completely removed.
  9. Same players are left out of it, they secretly banned players if you spam chat too much.
  10. Muff please pick me i a broke boi
  11. You shouldn't be getting scammed in 2020, if someone randomly asks you for BTC or anything you should deny always. And never send to someone expecting a repayment people will try to be your friend to scam you.
  12. It was fairly easy to get to bronze so i agree I think if you are a non-vip you shouldn't be getting reloads. What stops someone from collecting reloads on 10 accounts? They could bet twice on each account and collect reloads and get more than they initially bet.
  13. I actually enjoyed 10 min reload, I claimed as much as I could and got like .1 eth a day. Much more than what monthly is now....what a shame
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