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  1. What is your Stake username? sportsguy How much time on average do you spend on Sports-Chat every day? 8 hours a day on weekdays 10-12 hours a day on weekends Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? 1. To enforce chat rules. 2. To be knowledgeable about sports and sports rules. 3. To ensure chat flow is smooth and stake sports betting rules can be shared to users who are unaware. 4. To conduct trivia from time to time. 5. To have fun and make chat enjoyable for everyone. Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? 1. I believe I have the required knowledge of all sports such as esports, cricket, soccer, esoccer, league of legends, volleyball, ice hockey, field hockey, ehockey, american football, baseball, basketball, etc.. 2. I believe I have a fun presence and can keep chat enjoyable for all. 3. I have a good camaraderie with nearly everyone on chat and the transition from user to moderator will be seamless. 4. I have broken chat rules before and have suffered consequences for it and I have a experienced fun times in chat discussing sports and other topics. Therefore, being on both sides of the spectrum makes me an ideal candidate. Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned? 1. Yes, I have been banned from chat for 30 minutes once, 4 hours once, 1 day three times, and 2 days once. 2. I believe several of these were my own fault but I also think some of those were genuinely not knowing chat rules initially when I joined stake. Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform? 1. Yes, I have been a moderator on several chats before. I was a moderator on a sports streaming site for 3+ years. 2. I have been a moderator in group chats with peers. 3. I have played moderator unofficially on sports betting sites before.
  2. betslip: sport:6558351 Picks: Coin Toss Result (Tails) Which team will win the coin toss? (Chiefs) Jersey number of first touchdown scorer (Even) Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? (Yes) A longest successful field goal (Over 47.5) Which TE will score more Touchdowns? (Kelce) Will there be a scoreless quarter? (No) Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? (No) Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? (Touchdown) Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? (Yes) Will anyone other than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes attempt a forward pass? (Yes) Will Antonio Brown score a Touchdown? (Yes) What will the first turnover be? (Interception) Which team will commit the first accepted penalty? (Buccaneers) How many interceptions will be in a match? (under 2.5) Which QB will have more passing yards? (Brady) Will any QB throw over 350 yards? (Yes) Which quarter will have the most points scored? (3rd) Will there be a touchdown scored by the defense? (Yes) Will the final play of the game be a quarterback kneel? (No) Tie-breaker: What will be the total amount of points scored by both teams? 72
  3. Stake username: sportsguy NFL.com username: sportsguysportsguy
  4. Raffle is hard win unless you have a large amount of wagers or tickets.
  5. KENO is more entertaining then slots imo.
  6. Yeah, stake casino has a great UI and support is great too.
  7. A 2% win rate is a good way to go because I have done a 2%lose rate aka 98% win rate and have always lost so the opposite strategy should technically be plus EV
  8. Hell to the nah! In the gambling ride for life! Hell to the nah! In the gambling ride for life!
  9. If you got a huge bankroll then martingale is the way to chase.
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