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  1. Cricket and Football are the two sports that I have interest and knowledge on. Thus these two sports.
  2. @Mashfiqun2018 thank you for answers, I will try this out once again.
  3. 200K sorry I missed 200K, I have busted doge and btc with 6.88x. But I am trying to test this out again, what should be the basebet I should be using?
  4. @Mashfiqun2018 bro around 200 litoshi, balance, what basebet you suggest and which method? 1st or second?
  5. Hello, BTC halvening is done, price went around 10K, but now it is coming down around 9K. So what should we expect for BTC price that will it go above 10K. hover around or crash a little? Simple yet explaining answers will help me. Thanks.
  6. Hey, good to know that you made profit. I am going to ask some noob questions, please bear with that. I tried OP's first strategy, I made profit from 20$ to 40$ in Doge then I busted all of it. I want to ask you that which setting did you used exactly? Any help and guide will be highly appreciated, I have almost the same amount of btc in my account (the one you deposited).
  7. Noted all the above replies, thank you all for being kind enough to reply and help me on this thread. This is a great community.
  8. Wait, what? 😮 22.4 btc? I guess you have sorted this out. I am studying your faucet to 1 btc, that have some different changes here and there, I hope to fully understand that. Btw thanks. Doubling up your bet on loss until you win that amount back is called Martingale Strategy.
  9. Martingale will always be my enemy.
  10. Hello, so I had quite a few doge, I followed one strategy, it made some profit but next day I busted all the money. It was risky strategy. But now I am sitting on almost no LTC 🤕 Can you anyone share their strategy for low bankroll? I am not betting until I find some good strategy, your help will be appreciated.
  11. @Kariuki Well certainly he is ageing and closing on to hang up this boots. I liked his game play when he was at Dortmund, I wish that this deal closes on good note for all the parties involved.
  12. Zaiby

    Hey everyone

    Thank you. Looks like you are quite experienced member of this community. Looking forward to learn from you.
  13. Zaiby

    Hey everyone

    Thank you mate for such a welcome.
  14. Zaiby

    Bitcoin vs Libra

    Well, Libra is not decentralized, so I don't think there is much of a comparison. Libra will be bound inside Facebook (maybe they will expand outside of Facebook too, but not in nearby future) but on the other hand Bitcoin is THE cryptocurrency which is used globally.
  15. I pretty much made it clear from the thread's name. What is your go through cryptocurrency to gamble? Let's see bitcoin? But it is quite volatile and keeps fluctuating from time to time. How do you manage that? And in your opinion best cryptocurrency to hold and gamble with?
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    Hey everyone

    Thank you for your kind words.
  17. Zaiby

    My dice story on stake

    98% 👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️ Well you need only 1 or 2 loss out of 100 to lose all the earned money and even lose the capital. So how's it going now? Please give updates. And I wish you all the best.
  18. I am neither Arsenal supporter nor Manchester United, but as a football lover, I definitely want Auba to stay, play his heart out and improve the position of Arsenal in the league. Champions League spot will be gold! According to AS, Auba is going to Real Madrid, I was like what? AS don't have anything else to do in quarantine and lock down period? So maybe Auba to Manchester United is just a fuss. And selling Ozil will be a crime!
  19. Zaiby

    Hey everyone

    Hello, so just wanted to stay by and say hello to everyone here. I hope that I can contribute to this forum in a good way. Good luck to all players. Cheers and regards, Zaiby. 😀