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  1. My favorites bet for the Hilo, If you're lucky you can eat 100 times the amount your bet ^
  2. red95

    I love Dice, do you?

    My favorite is holo, if you play well you can profit more than 100 of the bet
  3. If you know how to calculate properly, I think you can go from gold to platinum in 20 days, because I am going from silver to gold in 4 days, that's my opinion.
  4. If you do not have the vip you want to reload, then you can create 100 additional accounts to receive money. I don't think this idea is good.
  5. Welcome to Vietnam, there are many places where the scenery is very beautiful, because the situation of covid epidemic is still tense, hope to see you soon in our country.
  6. hi Welcome! i from Vietnamese, Good luck!
  7. me too, never rain, I think by luck has not come =))
  8. reload 10 minutes then those who do not have a stable job, just stay home and reload every 10 minutes, they will receive a lot of coins, I think
  9. Joined in 2019, but at that time did not know how to calculate to level up VIP, whose coin is to bet and lose all, so just got silver 2 weeks ago, 3-4 days ago, loading coin into auto to gold. June 5, 2020 with money I will auto to platinum in 20 days, I hope so